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Mas Sajady Program Reviews on Physical Health

"My name is Michele and I have been struggling with chronic nerve pain, from a torn lumbar disc injury, as well as injuries to major nerves, that occurred in October 1991. That injury caused a chronic pain syndrome that has gone on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week since October 1991.

The only relief I've ever received since 1991 is when I'm able to sleep or in some deep meditation. But the pain wakes me up many times during the night. So I have never felt rested in the morning since 1991. And the brief relief I experience in some deep meditations soon ends as I finish my meditation, then the pain resume full force.

I have been studying and practicing meditation for 45+ years. I'm disciplined in meditation, spiritual practices, and breathing practices. Eventually, due to my pain syndrome, over the years I learned how I could lift my attention out of my painful body syndrome for brief periods during deep meditation, and disassociate for a time from the awful physical pain, while in a state of bliss. While this has been a wonderful experience and accomplishment in the moment, the pain would always surface the moment I came out of meditation and stood up. I found this particularly frustrating. Since I had thought that being a seasoned meditator I should be able to help myself more.

From 1991 to present time I've seen every type of medical professional, as well as many non-traditional healers available to me in the USA, Europe, and India. I saw doctors, orthopedic surgeons, pain specialists at UCSF Pain Clinic, Marin, and the East Bay. I've also seen chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists of every discipline, taken Chinese herbs, experimented with special diets which was supposed to minimize the internal inflamation from chronic pain, and seen some genuine world renown healers. I've been helped a little bit from some but nothing I've tried has ever given me significant relief, or gave me a glimmer of hope that there could be a possible end to the pain.

The medical doctors gave me every kind of pain medicine available. These usually helped only to a small degree and eventually caused terrible side effects. I saw acupuncturists, which helped only temporarily, while I had to endure even more intense pain during those treatments. I've seen chiropractors from every discipline, which helped some in the moment but I could never hold an adjustment for more than a couple of days. The non-traditional healers helped the most, since they didn't hurt me in the process. I did experience some changes but again it only lasted a short while. Nothing I have researched for my condition over these past 24 years has significantly changed or helped my chronic, 24/7 nerve pain syndrome significantly. And certainly nothing has brought down the intensity of the nerve pain significantly or lasted more than a few hours or a day at most. That is until I met Mas Sajady.

I met Mas Sajady in San Francisco on February 26, 2015. I wasn't particularly hopeful, because of all the other things I've tried over the years that hadn't helped much. But I was willing to try anything new, since my pain syndrome had become much worse in the past 6 months, i.e., I wasn't stable on my feet anymore.

I'd fallen a number of times, so my doctor recommended I use a walker to have something to offer some stability whenever I began to loose my balance. The doctors conducted recent MRI's but it didn't show anything new that would explain this sudden worsening of my pain syndrome and physical instability.

When Mas began to talk that first time I saw him in San Francisco, I was in so much pain that I couldn't honestly hear much of what he was saying. And I was sitting in the third row! When the program meditation started I heard even less of what he was saying. At that point I was thankful that I have been practicing meditation for over 45+ years, with many months attending long meditation courses, here in the USA, Europe, & India. Because of many years of disciplines and experiences in meditation I was able to accept the difficult and painful situation that was arising for me. I found a way to let the nerve pain syndrome just be, as awful as it was, accepting everything that was happening. Actually, from a practical viewpoint there isn't much else one can do that offers any hope of a positive outcome in those situations. So, I made the decision to trust and relax as best as I could.

Very early in the meditation Mas was guiding I began to intuit that I was sitting in a positive energy sphere with him that was very healing. In the beginning I could only feel it intuitively. But it was enough to give me a feeling of certainty that I was in the right place to get some help. So I felt myself begin to relax little by little.

Eventually, by the end of the evening program, having gone through 3 guided meditations with Mas, I was noticing some significant shifts in my bodily pain. I felt elated and drove home happier than I've been in years.

The next night I was able to see Mas again. By that time I felt much more stable on my feet so I didn't need the walker, only my cane, which was a happy relief. At that time, when Mas worked on me in front of the audience I experienced that my body began to move in ways that I haven't been able to move in over 2 decades! And I felt a sense of joy and happiness, a physical and emotional lightness that I haven't felt for a very long time.

When I went home that night I noticed a significant shift in my pain. On the third morning, after I saw Mas, in my sleepy state I noticed that something was missing in my usual morning. After becoming more awake I realized that the pain intensity was significantly absent. There was a space of beautiful silence. I felt a quiet peace and lightness all around me.

By the third time I saw Mas, for the private group healing appointment, I had brought my cane in the car. But when I got out of the car I forgot it! I felt remarkably stable on my feet and could move around the room freely, without painful bodily restrictions and heaviness.

During the private healing session with Mas working on my body, I felt my consciousness expand and fill the room, as I noticed my body releasing old pains and memories, relaxing into a deep and peaceful state, as Mas guided our meditation. I felt my consciousness enter a deep and healing meditation as well as my body entered a very relaxed state, which was a very new experience since my pain injury in 1991, since I had the habit of wanting to escape out of my painful body awareness during meditation. I even continued to feel his energy working on me even while he moved around the room to work on other people.

When the meditation came to an end and I opened my eyes, I was surprised to find myself back to my normal body size, since I had experienced significant heightened states that brought my body awareness into an expanded, peaceful, and relaxed awareness.

Since this afternoon private session with Mas my body feels lighter than air but completely grounded. This is incredible for me. To feel so much improvement, pains being just almost completely gone, just a flicker or a tingling left. I joked with Mas that it felt like I was levitating, because I felt so relieved from a profoundly significant heaviness of decades of pain.

My experiences with Mas have profoundly shifted my hopes and dreams for my life. Previously I felt that my life would continue to be filled with pains and sufferings, so much physical pain that it caused emotional pain as well during all these years. It appeared to me that I'd continue to live a very small and confined lifestyle forever.

To experience such incredibly fast shifts, release from so much physical pain that had gone on for over 24 years, be filled with increased intuition and inner guidance from strong connections to Source, I feel overwhelmed emotionally, and so very grateful to Mas.

I'm so grateful to Mas, for helping me so much in such a short span of time. I feel like my meeting with him is unfolding a wonderful miracle of possibilities for pain free, happy, and positive experiences in my life.

With Mas's guidance and help, relief from the burden of chronic and constant pain, I feel that I can unfold a stronger connection to Source and live a life with unlimited possibilities.

After my private session with Mas I attended a benefit concert and danced for hours! I haven't danced in ages, decades really. And I've been sitting at my computer composing this testimonial for awhile. I couldn't have done that in the past. Because I wouldn't have been able to sit long due to my body pain and inability to sit for more than about 30 minutes at a time, without having to lay down to relieve the pressure on my spine.

One last thing that is important. I am also aware of experiencing a pronounced connection to my inner self that appears to be releasing lonely and isolation feelings, which had been my companion since my physical injuries in 1991.

It's very isolating to experience so much pain for such a long period of time. No one I ever talked to over the years could understand my situation. In the beginning days and years of my injury I rarely went into any lengthy conversations of my physical condition with friends. Because most people don't understand it. So it becomes a burden for them to know that their friend is suffering so much. Having to conceal such a significant part of my life, for so many years, caused me to feel deeply alone.

Since seeing Mas only 3 times my intuition has also deepened, is very clear and strong. I'm experiencing that I am developing a knowing, clear directions regarding what to do in each moment to help myself to increase my connection to Source. And if I don't take those positive actions I intuit, toward deepening my connection to Source, I realize my mistake and I shift. Because the practice of moving toward Source is so pleasurable, and moving away from Source appears to cause pain and anxiety.

Connecting to Source unfolds more and more physical freedom for me. Relief from pain, profound body, emotional, and mind relaxation and peace. Connection to Source is freeing and connects my consciousness to unfolding into an open space of freedom. Things are moving so fast it's difficult to find the accurate words.

I look forward to continuing to work with Mas, to deepen and expand mind, body, and spirit connection to Source.

Thank you Mas for your dedication to helping people in the wonderful way that you do."

Michele, San Francisco


My name is Lucas and I heard about you through my mom. Her name is Marcia (blonde with curly hair) and she was in one of your sessions about two and a half years ago in Miami. She had horrible allergies and was addicted to prescriptions for it, but after you touched her back and after she came back to after blacking out, she was cured and has since then had any allergies or touched any prescriptions.

Lucas Santos, New York City NY


My name is Ann, and I am 67 years old. I would like to thank Mas Sajady for the physical, emotional, and spiritual program work that he has done on my family and me. We have had lots of miracles! This one in particular has scientific numbers to back it up.

During the winter and spring of 2014, I had very little energy, poor circulation, and difficulty breathing. I felt terrible. Making it to and from my assigned schools as a school psychologist took everything I had from deep within my body and soul. I woke up each morning praying that I would not die until I cleaned my house and put my affairs in order.

On May 30, 2014, I had an appointment with a rheumatologist who diagnosed me with Raynaud Disease and immediately ordered LPK labs (bloodwork). Review from results showed four areas (i.e., white blood cell count, platelet count, neutrophils absolute, and monocytes that were High (not good!). My C-Reactive Protein was High (79.9 compared to a 0.0-9.9 Reference Range). When the physician received the results, he told me the numbers were " off the chart." No wonder I felt so bad.

From 2014 to the present time, I have participated in Mas' 21-days Medi-Healings, Industrial- Strength Healing Groups, tele-forums, in-person sessions, global healings, frequency clinics, mastery healing class, and tele-forums. I have listened to Mas' Exponential Intelligence podcasts over and over.

I did not go back to the rheumatologist until January 4, 2016. He was not happy that I had taken so long to see him again. He ordered another set of LPK labs (blood work). When the rheumatologist received the results, his assistant called me. All of my labs were normal! Awesome! Amazing! No wonder I look and feel so much better! node type 8

I attribute these dramatic results to Mas Sajady programs, his gifts, and his strong connection to Pure Source.

I am enclosing results from lab (blood) tests dated 1/4/2016 for your perusal. Thank you!

Ann Dunkle, PhD

I was four months into the withdrawal when I saw a picture of a man on the cover of New Life Magazine at my local health food store. Without knowing who he was, I felt drawn to pick up an issue; I knew I just had to see Mas Sajady. I had several healings from him during the event program. This was the beginning of my journey back to having a healthy mind — a journey back towards light. He was the healer I was looking for all this time....I felt a deep healing and a removal of bleak darkness....I asked Mas if he can help me with income as well. Mas gave me hope for the future. Today I am taking one medication instead of four. I have a sense of peace and am able to leave my apartment and interact with people. I recently freelanced at a renowned brand.

A.T., New York, NY


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