After his second near death experience, Mas Sajady was gifted with intuitive and healing abilities so remarkably potent that he was soon likened to some of the most significant healers in history. Mas reviews your core frequency level to help re-design and re-program your blueprint, materializing fast and tangible results and manifesting abundance in all areas of life.

Welcome to our archived Mas Sajady programs review page, highlighting the transformational work of Mas Sajady programs. While transformational work is considered by many to be highly subjective and some simply refuse to believe it, every day we see the profound impact Mas Sajady has in the real world and receive thousands of powerful Mas Sajady program reviews from people whose lives have been changed forever after working with his programs. We love and appreciate your feedback - thank you so much for sharing it with us!

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During a recent Group IGH Mas asked if I had family around me.....I had said an ex of mine from a 20 year relationship (toxic, verbally and emotionally abusive)....last week texted me out of the blue after no contact for 4 years. The text came in during a business thought was "that was weird". I really had no desire to read it and no desire for him in my life in any way. I was a bit nervous about what was in the text. The next day I thought to myself, this is about me....for I read the text and immediately thought about how I would respond to I thought about it for a minute.....I realized that it was taking too much real estate in my mind and deleted it! Immediately I was filled with sheer Joy and anger, resentment, bitterness or felt like I had done something very significant for myself.....I have zero tolerance or room for toxicity or abuse patterns of any kind in my life.....I Just Deleted the
old pattern : )

With so much warmth, Thank you Mas for all of the ways that you continue to support us!! HG

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from H.G.


Hi there,

There have been so many unbelievably positive outcomes for me since I started working with Mas Sajady three years ago. The most important being that I have become whole and truly Limitless in every way. I live a joyful, peaceful life and I feel blessed to have Mas as my coach.
But, today I wanted to focus on an miraculous healing that has taken place with my eyesight. What I love about this testimonial is it is based in science and I saw with my own eyes the results.

In my 30’s my eyesight kept declining rapidly. Before I knew it, I was wearing bifocals.

In the past 6 months as every aspect of my health is coming into vitality and perfection, I noticed something phenomenal about my vision. I was driving with my glasses on a family road trip and I noticed I was having a hard time  focusing on the highway. I thought to myself, “take your glasses off”  and low and behold, I could see clearer without them!

I went to the optometrist yesterday and it turns out, I have perfect vision in my right eye and I can feel my left eye is going to be perfect as well! The Dr. was baffled as I asked her to explain this result. She said this never happens and that usually eyes like mine get progressively worse with age. I went from a 4.0 prescription in my right eye to 0.0 and 4.5 in my left to 1.25!

I will let you know when the left eye is 20/20 as well!

Thank you for helping so many people connect to their own natural healing abilities and being a Strong Leader and example for living a free, brilliant Life.


~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Kira


Dearest Mas, et all,

I'm a 62 yo retired social worker. I began work with Max 2 years ago (2016). I had just disentangled myself from 30 years of meditation practice with a guru from India. I happened upon Mas online, not looking for anything.

I have since had such profound changes, I am excited to share them with you and all!

I was pretty severely depressed. History of abuse and addiction; on SS disability. Family lineage issues, probably (Jewish ancestry). I was mostly immobilized with chronic back pain. I was 224 lbs, at barely 5ft. I spent a year in bed with awful detox following my first 21-days. I signed up for a second 21-days, but only listened to the first couple of days. During that year, things changed in my environment, for the better. Relationships improved, my husband got a raise, my daughter moved out, I had my gall bladder removed. Since then, (that was Nov 2017), the transformation has been, and continues to be, remarkable!

I am now 169 lbs and falling. This took NO EFFORT whatsoever. My appetite changed, my energy level went up, I started yoga; I did four more 21-days, a bunch of Frequency Clinics and Spas, had two IGHs, and accessed most every free podcast and medihealing I could.

I am off most medications, and am starting at the gym. Understand, this is so different for me! It's as if I have returned age 30! I barely have pain. People are drawn to me with such love all the time. I have deep, unbounded love for every single person, I have long moments of utter bliss that bring tears of joy. I sense entities, see the blue-grey auras around people a couple of inches from the body, and I help anyone who needs it around me, for free.

I am hoping my name comes up on the waiting list for the Healing Mastery this year. I am so ready to commit to my future helping others. I have no idea exactly where I am heading, but I have a new found trust in spirit. So many amazing things have happened recently, spirit has proved itself to me, if that makes sense?

FYI: during the 21-day medihealing on the 14th, when Mas had his experience, I was able to see my 93 yo mother in the hospital; and I saw a white/gold light rise from her and ascend away. Before that, she had much trouble with dementia and resisting all help, including meds and food. After that night, the next day she was calmer, ate, took meds and enjoyed family visits.

Thank you, Mas and all around him. Sending love....
Kim Morris, MSW, D.Div.

P. S.

I forgot to add that I had Diabetes before working with Mas. I no longer have it! A1c is 5.3. I had Hypertension and High Cholesterol before Mas. Both have resolved.

I also just listened to the March 14th replay when Mas leveled up. I SO GET IT!!! I cried, laughed, felt frustrated with the interviewer, but mostly I simply understood and agreed with everything he said.

The "superhuman community" that Mas is creating, I have envisioned since I was a teen!

With much love and loyalty…

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Kim Morris, MSW, D.Div.


Hi there,

Being able to listen to the new realities show last night was quite an experience and I am so glad I could listen in.  As soon as it was over I wanted ask questions, to email in but I let myself be in the state I was in from the medihealing because this was too... special, unique, too something to not sit with the experience.  I didn't even put on another "background" medihealing to sleep on as I usually too, lest that limit or take me out of my experience.  I woke up at 5:30am and put on the 21day from last night to listen to it again.  Now I am compelled to write.  I don't know if I will be able to write down all that was and is going through my mind and being around last night.

First my experience of the medihealing: I could feel around me this state coming in as well as I could feel the denseness that I still am that is keeping me from fully experiencing and being that state.  I felt it a bit more as something beyond me, outside of me because of the denseness that kept me from being it fully. I just was with the experience as best as I could, having a sense of both.

Listening to it again this morning gives me the sense of life as a miracle in every movement that we make, in every word that is uttered, in every breath that we take,  in the unfoldment, this orchestration of every event in existence. I understand this to be the state of miracles, that is so often alluded to in religion, at least in Catholicism and in the Indian traditions of enlightenment, where I am most aware of it being spoken, barely alluded to in comparison to what I am so lightly having a sense of in this moment.  How to capture this, become this?

I would like to hear Mas talk about what he talked about and what he experienced more in the framework of an EI lecture or maybe an oracles circle.  This 'topic', state of being, seems more important to me than all topics we could possibly come up with and desire as once we are there all else will be comprehended.

The set up of the new realities host asking questions in the framework of his understanding and Mas talking and explaining from his level, gave me an outside view of our, my interactions with Mas, with the encountering of distortions with lightness and clarity of being. It was also quite an experience to witness via the Internet Mas being in such a high state.

Dear Mas, I would like to hear more about being in this "default state", of getting there, what it demands of us to get there.  I would like to hear you talk about your experience of talking on the show, of going into this extremely deep state of being and what that has done for you.  I would like to have you talk more about this community that you mentioned.  So many have tried to do this before and have not reached the vision and sense that you have of this.  Jim Jones in Guyana is one of the tragic examples of this, but a more functional one is the TM group with Maharishi Yogi (think of the Beatles guru) who have one of their main communities in Fairfield, Iowa.  I know that what you are wanting is something different because I know that basis of existence is now different than what it was when those where established (I felt that shift take place, over a two week period in October 2011).  I want to hear, understand and know more about all that transpired and was experienced and talked about on the show.  I cannot think of questions, I just have a sense of my desire to know, get there and at some point be it.

Thank you

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Marianne C. USA


Hi Mas, Alan and Angel Team,

Words can not describe how beautiful this event was!!  I know so many people wrote in and I would like to share as well.
There was something extraordinary about this evening, I felt a beautiful energy amidst my current distortions in process of breaking away.
When Mas shared at one point after Alan had asked about Aliens and there perspective and Mas started sharing the was that moment I got it....what we are all
here for......I have dramatically shifted from that night and although I do not understand everything, I am so thankful for Mas and the work he is doing with us
and to Alan, thank you for asking great questions!!!

Being, appreciating in the moment and if we fall out of it, we get still and come back........
I am Awakening to the privilege it is to live as spirit in human form!

With so much appreciation,

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from HG


Hi Mas Team,

I wanted to share my experience from complete fear to amazing moments of joy and freedom.  I say moments because I am inching forward on this journey, with exhilarating moments everyday, growing so much.  I often don't think people will believe my experience, not because of the darkness i have experienced, but how my spirit has guided me every step of the way.  When I learned to trust myself, and I allowed Mas and the "mastermind" to do their work for inspiring me, amazing things happened!

Having complete fear at one point in my life that it was terrifying to put my feet on the floor from bed, and I could only eat when I had convinced myself I was safe, I began looking for things to help me get through this panic, this anxiety.  Several years later, I was listening to a podcast, and I heard the speaker.   Suddenly, I had to listen to him.  I looked at a picture of the speaker, and had no idea who he was. I listened and moved on.  I really didn't understand what he was talking about.  His name was Mas Sajady.

Since I was searching, and I had given myself away my whole life, by the time I stumbled upon Mas again, I was completely controlled by this side and the other.  I was driving to work one day, and decided to listen to a podcast I typically didn't listen to.  I was catching the end, and the host said, I can't wait to see you Mas, your coming to town next month!  What!!  I knew I had to see him, but I did not have the money.  Then, the money came.  I signed up for a three hour IGH.  I really had no idea what to expect, and I didn't really want to go that night.  I felt sick and shaky that day, but somehow I convinced myself to go.  When he was working on me he said my heart was a closet of family secrets, and that was it.  I kind of giggled at the time, thinking, yeah.  I felt better when I was leaving, but I had been practicing meditation, so I thought the couple of hours in meditation had refreshed me.  Little did I know, my spirit was starting to fight.  Fight for myself.

I started to awaken, by noticing things.  Noticing situations.  By getting stronger!  The IGH was in September, and I never really thought about Mas again, until...I noticed an email regarding 33 day Peru meditation.  It was so affordable, I knew I wanted to be a part of it.  Once again, I did the meditations, morning and night.  Not really understanding but knowing I was feeling stronger and better.  Then, I made a conscious decision to try the 21 days.  I had to wait a couple of months to save the money.  What happened in the next two months can only be expressed as miracles.  My spirit was preparing me, as Mas says.  One night, feeling completely hopeless, alone, and in fear, I heard a voice should kill yourself.  No one will care or miss you... Hearing this, I  instinctively wanted to throw up, I walked outside, and the thought was immediately carried away by the wind.  It sounds weird, but that was when I realized that it was not my thought, and it gave me hope.

My next experience before starting the 21 days, it was a Sunday afternoon, I gathered my voice, and I stood up for myself.  On the inside and the outside, I thought, I'm not taking abuse anymore.  It hit me like a wave.  Probably the same wave that Mas experience in Ashville.  I had no idea, until I later read about his upgrade that day in the newsletter.  At one point, I could only lay in bed with no will, and wished for death.  So, I got up and played a meditation, and recognized no will as only an emotion.  And I gained strength.

Having allowed myself to be so controlled on this side and the other, I stealthily participated in the 21 days.  Making sure I was not seen or heard so I could not be influenced.  I had to make my own decisions.  Every month got better and I got stronger.  I participated in every online event I could and studied.  I studied myself:)  And I listened, and judged, the mastermind.  Then, I started to realize, the beauty and inspiration in their stories, which helped me to see the beauty in me.

I can't express in reality how my life has changed!  From complete fear to joy every day, love, excitement.  I heard Mas saying the other day, the love affair with ourselves, soo true!

The physical markers since working with Mas and the mastermind is my income has quadrupled, I am in excellent, radiant health, relationships that needed to change, changed.  I am strong and even though I still feel fear, I use it to get me stronger.   I have very little detox, I usually greet it with excitement because I now know I am leading myself into an even greater space.

When I listened to the podcast on charity, I thought of the man who had $5 in his pocket and wanted to give it to Mas for Mas's help.  That was all he had, but I feel he wanted to take a chance on himself, risking everything, he knew that $5 would keep him safe.

If you met me, you would probably say it is easy for me, but that is only because of how I have allowed myself to grow and change with the help of Mas.  It is so exciting !  I love it!

Thank you so much Mas, Faye, the Angels, and the Mastermind!!

So much love!

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Diane


I've been listening to Mas since January 2016 and have had profound results and changes in my life.

I had an IGH call last night, and within minutes, I could feel my heart open to sensations I hadn't felt in years. By the time I fell asleep, I could feel my body wrapped in a space of unconditional awareness and something beyond what we think and know of as love.

I had visions of moving through time and space, the cosmos... I don't have the vocabulary to describe what I saw and experienced and it doesn't need to  be qualified or defined. I now sense that I am in a more present time than habitually referring to past events, emotions and memories.

This work is about being patient and kind towards oneself, seeing how you've navigated in the world, which doesn't really work anymore...  and being open and willing to change to live the life you imagined you could live.

Anything is possible. Thank you Mas for your life experiences and sharing them with the world.

Best to you all.

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Susie


July 2016 I decided to embark on this journey through Mas' podcasts, group healings, IGHs and live events. I started off skeptical, but little by little I realized and felt personal victories, all though my initial intent was to receive better romantic relationships and more money. There have been times I've felt upset with the results of not getting what i wanted now, or even upset with Mas. Here today, I now see the beauty of his work and how its impacted my life fundamentally and I NOTICE now plainly. Mas explains how we have the power to do it ourselves and do not need to rely on him and I get that. At this point, with all the clearing I've done I feel strong enough to let it unfold and make decisions from a pure balanced place vs the past. I'm currently in Singapore for business and its a beautiful realization to experience this beauty right now during a beautiful full moon looking down at me.

Mas' work is a true answer to my prayers.

Thank you kindly,

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Jessica


Hello, I would like to thank Mas for the healing and clearing he provided for me during the group healing call on Sunday Feb 18th. I feel less impacted by the energy of others and for this I am truly grateful and appreciative. Mas has a gift and a perspective and an awareness that truly heals.

With gratitude,

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from ZD , Canada


To the Angel reading this email,

I have experienced profound change since finding Mas and following the medihealing practice.  I am writing to share the joy of the daily changes that make the difference in how my world has evolved.  While there are grand changes on the horizon for me, it would be amazing for people to know that it is the little miracles each day that make such a difference.

4 years ago I was homeless, living my van.  I had left an abusive relationship, and was contemplating bankruptcy; the financial distress due to a car accident where chronic pain plagued me.  It was trauma after trauma and life did not seem worth living.  I was in a constant state of fear.

Today, I am accepting a 6-figure job offer that will bring me to a new city for a fresh start.  Debt is behind me.  My body feels healthy and I feel confident and complete in my own skin.  I have had many Angels assist along the way and asking for help was a key to making progress.

These days as I walk through the city people seem drawn to speak to me:
a woman at a bus stop strikes up a conversation about her homeland
a barista at a coffee shop genuinely wants to know about my day
a bus driver offers me a free ride
a contractor helps me over an ice patch at a sidewalk construction site

I am so grateful by how people are interacting with me to make pleasant conversation and offer kindness.  I no longer feel lonely, even though I live alone.  I feel optimistic and excited about what is to come.

It is worth every minute of meditation, contemplation and discipline.  It is worthwhile to invest the time in yourself!  Through my retreat from the outside world, the world has become a kinder, more gentle place.

With immense gratitude..

"How we live our days, is how we live our lives."

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from M.E.


During an IGH appointment this week (that I didn't know why I made it) Mas talked to me for about a minute & then said your mother is here (she passed about 8 years ago). She hasn't been around you., She has been doing her own work but learned that you had awakened and wants your help to awaken to and move into higher realms of consciousness. (I think Mas said something about what we would think of as heaven.) She would have wanted to do what I'm doing but didn't have the opportunity. She is giving you a blessing. Now she is giving me (Mas) a blessing.
And she has brought your sister & niece (my sister's husband murdered them in 1983). They want to awaken too and go with your mother into higher realms of consciousness. Then Mas was talking to them. I couldn't hear what they were saying or doing Then Mas said ok & to write this down & send it in because it could help alot of people. (I guess my help was to allow them to be with Mas one on one and to continue to grow.)

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Jackie Andrews, Northfield NJ, USA


Since working with Mas, I can feel my vibration shifting and my awareness of others
and myself being very strong and my consciousness is much more in tune with being
in harmony and being connected to pure source.  I had been praying for a Teacher and
met Mas ... truly an amazing blessing.

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Cathy.


I would like to let Mas and the team know that my Blood tests have changed amazingly in the last 6 months.

I've been on Synthroid for the Thyroid for 35 years.  With as much as 150 micrograms, and wavering up and down to 132,125,112 throughout the years.

I am now on 100 Micrograms. In the last 6 months if have gone back on my supplement program. That is exactly what Mas encouraged.

Also, the rest of my blood tests have gone down a lot.

I am very Grateful.

Blessings and Appreciation.

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Christina.


I just wanted to reach out and thank Mas for the IGH session I experienced on Friday, Jan. 5th in Miami! I feel very blessed to have been in his presence and I am amazed by how fantastic I have felt since! I walked out of there feeling on top of the world. In the past week and a half I have been experiencing such a feeling of true inner happiness and excitement. It's hard to explain but I feel very 'solid' and yet also extremely expanded! I am so ready for an adventurous year ahead!! A BIG thank you to Mas and I hope to see you all again soon!
Gratefully and sincerely,

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Lorilee Life.


Dear Mas,

I had an MRI today and because of my participation in your 21-day medihealings I was able to "stay in my body" during the noisy, long session.  I started at my feet and worked my way up to my head, pausing at different areas when my mind wandered.  It was such a great space to be in!

Thank you for what you do and sharing it with all of us.

In gratitude,

Theresa Huard

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Theresa Huard.


I thoroughly enjoyed my first in person event with Mas. I could not get enough and attended all four events. I've done two 21 Days, have listened to all of his pod casts, some several times. Mas is the only person I currently resonate with as a mentor. There have been very few people who can take me to a higher frequency that have clean energy, pure intentions, and no ego.

Since 2012 after coming out of the Amazon jungle, I though I had been blessed with a spirit guide. Here is a picture of the guide taken right after the shaman blessed me for my journey home. I went back to the jungle 2 more times after this and participated with ayahuasca about 20 times total. The journeys helped me in many ways, however, after I heard Mas talk about asking if guides we work with or think we work with are from pure source energy, I was surprised to discover that this guide was NOT from pure source energy. I promptly removed it. It was connected to my heart and was affecting how I felt about myself. Since this as well as doing 2 of Mas’ 21 Days, my expansion has accelerated. Initially there was that blank empty feeling…not depression…just not much of anything. That is slowly dissipating as I am being filled with more and more light. Thank you Mas!

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Kimberly Sherry, California.


Hi Mas and Angels,

Just a short note to share how thankful I am for the recent trauma healing this week...

I loved the springboard component and leaping as if catapulting through and stronger from the traumas - it felt and still does both empowering and liberating!

Having been through multiple and ongoing traumas, this healing felt like a really positive and potent way to move through them amidst all the other work I have done on it with Mas and elsewhere.

Thank you, truly…

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Robert, 41, Executive, Sydney, AUS.



After a great weekend at the Vegas Advanced Mastery class (alumni) and the 21 day medihealings, I feel that I have cleared a significant amount of foreign energy. I now have the tools to continue the practice of recognizing "what is and is not mine," as Mas would say.  In the week after the workshop, 2 acquaintances, perhaps sensing my clarity and light, vented all their problems to me for 30 minutes each. Thanks to Mas's program, I had the tools to 'not take on' other's energy and problems.  I feel clear and happy.
Thank you!


~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Christine.


Dear Mas,

Since early this year, I have heard so much about your powers. I had bought a ticket to see the "magic" happen before my eyes. I was very worried at that time about what you were meant to do. Then you're trip to Beirut got cancelled, which was a relief as I was not ready.
Following my healer's advice, I started to listen to your podcasts. She advised, as well, to take the 21day medihealing, that I haven't done.

As said, I have been listening and still am to all the podcasts. At the beginning, I was full of judgements and sarcasm with regards to the words you said and your tone of voice. I so doubted your real capabilities. But I forced myself to keep on listening.

"Notice what you notice" is the sentence that used to piss me off and sometimes make me very pretentious, thinking "what the f... does he mean?", "yeah, yeah. I notice so many things"... Wow, I was so blind. So terribly blind and mostly so judgemental.

I come from a family full of judgements, fears and control. I reckon these patterns come way before my parents: woman's control, duty to family, judgements and fears (numerous types). From generation to generation they held on to principles that bound them and their kids.

Constant work on myself, constant fight with myself, breaking the chain, striving to be free, away from the control and the servitude to the family...

Mas, all the work you have done in me, at the subconscious level, is amazing. I feel more and more detached from the old person I was. Indeed I feel like I peeled off a dead skin from my body, like a caterpillar that leaves its dead matter.
I now understand what you mean by "notice what you notice". I pay as much attention as possible to everything and my partner helps me see the things I missed out. I open my heart, widely.

It's the moment of great satisfaction to carry so little weight on my shoulder. I definitely did not want to end up like Sisyphus.

The real liberation has just started. I am digging deeper and deeper, being truer and truer. No more do (goal settings), just be. Things will open up, I know.
I can't wait to be in chrysalis, to be a fully awakened butterfly, full of wonderful colours.

In short, I deeply thank you for opening my eyes, for making a magical subconscious work, for teaching me the true deal of life, for broadening my knowledge about life and other matters, and so much more...

We are limitless.

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Thalie N.


Thank you Mas, for the fantastic workshop in London Wealth Through Mindfulness, since attending this event an opportunity for me to invest in a new property came up and 4 days later I bought it. I stand to make a good profit but still my nerves and fear of stepping out of my comfort zone are killing me. I will continue to listen to the audio and try and relax.

You are amazing!!!!

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Doris T Plummer.




How are you guys? I'm sure that you so great! 😉

After one year work with Mas I want to say something, please see below what I want to say:

Dear Mas and Mas's team.

I am ready to say that I don't know how to say Thank You for all work that you have done on me..... I'm sorry but I don't have a words to describe what I feel, what I sense, what I think, what is in my mind- how brilliant feeling is within me. This is so lovely that make me want to cry- literally! 😪 but cry from happiness 😂😅🤣


I'm totally, but totally different person, full of this brilliant feeling, it's better anything, so pure!

I'm even more happier cos on February the 7th will start The Healing Mastery program with you Mas, I'm already on the list.

This is so beautiful that people like you are here on the earth and helping the others.

This is so beautiful!!!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Mas and Mas's Team, for everything what you do and that every single word and sentence that you say it's real truth in 100%!!!

This is amazing!

I am so endlessly appreciate and want to say-Mas and Mas's Team please do what you do forever cos there is still lots of people who needs the help!

I wish for all of this people all the best and wish for them to open their eyes, please accept and take my endless appreciation.

With the best regards
Greg UK

Ps: I went through the tough detox, very tough, but now I am where I am and it's so brilliant!


~ Mas Sajady Program Review from G.


Hi Mas and Angels,

Just a short note to share how thankful I am for the recent trauma healing this week...

I loved the springboard component and leaping as if catapulting through and stronger from the traumas - it felt and still does both empowering and liberating!

Having been through multiple and ongoing traumas, this healing felt like a really positive and potent way to move through them amidst all the other work I have done on it with Mas and elsewhere.

Thank you, truly... Robert from Sydney

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Robert, Sydney


Mas, Fay and Mas-Team
Safe and Healthy to All!

Since early 2015 I have met with Mas several times in NYC – more and more 21 Day MediHealings, and all of the EI Podcasts - and I check in daily online – as well as subscribe frequently to Mas's online events.

Fay may remember me for the EI book I thought was a good idea at the time. I usually sit near her during the group sessions at the Festivals in and around NYC.

I am letting my Spirit lead me – happily.  The list of "notice what you notice" gets filled almost continuously – life just flows better with my Spirit leading me.

The change in the directness from Mas in his presentations over the past year has been terrific – and I am more ready to change myself from within.

I know there are many individuals within the Mas group who share my curiosity in understanding why we do what we do – individually and in groups. And in making changes at a deeper level.

While I have a calmness and confidence in living my life in the present moment – just being – I also appreciate and seek confirmation from Mas's presentations and Podcasts and from others around me that the future is filled with greater possibilities than the same-old results we will live if we plan using our limited perceptions and past patterns.

I am a brighter light. I find that more strangers notice me. Most seem to be darker than me and I feel they are surprised that I recognize them at a more Spirit level. I also am starting to see people who give me a second glance – as my light catches their attention. Mostly, of course, people are unaware of where they are and what is around them.

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from David Alvey, Brooklyn, NY,




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