After his second near death experience, Mas Sajady was gifted with intuitive and healing abilities so remarkably potent that he was soon likened to some of the most significant healers in history. Mas reviews your core frequency level to help re-design and re-program your blueprint, materializing fast and tangible results and manifesting abundance in all areas of life.

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(Mas Sajady Program Review on Mas, Dark Sources, and Seduction)

I felt compelled to write this letter because I've heard things, and gone through things over the last 27 months that I've worked with Mas. It kind of ties in with what he is going through with a few clients that are saying untrue things about him and his work.

When I first started working with Mas, I admittedly didn't like him very much and thought he was dark, so much so that it scared me. But I continued anyway. The next thing I knew was that I was in love with Mas and he was to be my twin flame, which I found odd because I had initially thought I didn't like him at all. As time passed, I too thought he was communicating with just me telepathically. Sometimes he'd answer a question I hadn't spoken out loud, and I knew for sure that he felt the same way. I started getting upset when women would post hearts or tell him they loved him on facebook. It turned into a vicious cycle within me of anger and jealousy. Here is where I did something different.

I was just barely aware of what I was doing, but it was enough to make me continue with Mas and work to peel away the layers of this thing that was going on inside me.

After just over a year, I understood that these emotions and thoughts were old patterns that  I've carried over many lifetimes. I could be off, but it sure feels this way. These triggers and emotions weren't just centered on Mas, they were everywhere else in my life, family, friends, people I trained with in karate, coworkers. The more I continued working with him the more I realized that all the darkness was coming from me.

It's 2 years and 3 months later, and I have moved many levels of these patterns, and with Mas, deleted them. I understand now that these emotions came from old patterns, are sometimes byproduct of connecting to pure source and he was that anchor point, and it's part of the draw to him. Of course he's a handsome man ladies, but we need to pay attention to where these emotions come from especially when there is thought that he's taking the time to communicate telepathically with you. You are not the only one to have experienced this, or are right now. Look at the patterns in your life and you will see that they carry into this experience as well.

As for Mas working with dark sources. I have been immersed in darkness this entire lifetime, even though I am a bright spirit. He isn't dark. The way he described darkness being that "kick in the butt" is accurate. Sometimes there is something that can make us so angry that we're on fire. We have a choice what to do with that anger, which by the way, many think is a negative emotion. We can choose to let it consume us (and that's when it becomes dark and swallows you whole) or you can use it to propel yourself up, out, and forward. This goes for any emotion, and I know this because I use it to propel myself forward. All the darkness that surrounded me, and still does (it does with everyone) doesn't mean it cannot be used as a tool to get you where you are aiming to go. Too much light can also totally disconnect and distort you and it doesn't feel good either. There have been moments where I felt so bright that I could barely remain attached to my body. I felt floaty and almost transparent and not grounded. Like with everything else, there needs to be balance between light and dark.

I have seen the webpage created against Mas and two of the individuals associated with it. The distortions in them are clearly displayed and they are loud. The person that recorded the videos clearly did not check the sources of her citations because they are wrong and segmented, just like some news outlets do or people who quote parts of religious texts to make a point, or justify an action, and exclude the print around that specific quote. I double checked those resources. It is so very clear that your abilities are still not of pure source, and I recognize it because I was once where you are now. To the ladies that accuse Mas of telepathically seducing you, look at your own patterns first. I know for a fact that these patterns run deep in your spirit and that you cling onto them because you want to feel complete and you think that a partner can fulfill that for you. No it can't. You are the only one that can complete yourself. Be brutally honest with yourself. You are not unique. There are many people out there that think this way and surely more to come as they begin shedding their distortions and step into their most highest pure spirit.

Thank you for taking a moment to read this.

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Jackie Bean, 46, Lab Tech.



Hi everyone - I just wanted to write and tell you I had a wonderful experience yesterday morning as a result of the 21 Day program with Mas Sajady.

For the first time IN MY LIFE, I felt deeply in my heart and KNEW that I am deserving of love, of everything good!!  In over 25 years of spiritual practice, I never had that experience.  After only 8 days of this program, I did.

This expansion and knowing is with me now and always will be.  I became aware not only for myself, but for all living things to be deserving.  I understood that most people have that knowing, but it is hidden under layers of "stuff" and they do not realize it.

I am opening more and more each day, becoming my True Self, and feeling more empowered than I ever have.  I am looking forward with joy to what the rest of the program will bring!

My thanks to Mas and to you ~

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Dawn.



Thank you for this Podcast. I've watched the documentary Holy Hell and having been in a somewhat pseudo 'cult, with only 6 women and a so called 'sound healer', I wanted to share a few things that may or may not be of benefit to other Mas clients.

I've written to you before re this topic when you did the Divine Atrocity event, so I won't go into all the details. I'd just like to share a few 'warning signs' as to what one can notice or be aware of if someone finds themselves in the position I did.

  • 'Healers' are extremely manipulative.
  • When you tell them your problems, woes, etc, they now have a hook as to what you are vulnerable too.
  • They will tell you exactly  what you want to hear: you are special, you can have anything you want, you were 'chosen' to do this work, you are here to save planet, human race etc.
  • They will call you and tell you that 'you need a healing' and if you say no, you are then the cause of all their problems.
  • They are passive aggressive, narcissistic, bipolar, and a host of other mental labels, but most of all, they are confused and in deep pain.
  • They may stalk you on the phone or in person.
  • They will tell you that what they do is nothing like a cult, so as to diffuse what is really going on.
  • They can be physically violent and attack you. They project all their stuff on to you and your family.
  • They will tell you that you need to leave your family, that they know you better than anyone else.
  • If you questioned anything, you were shamed, accused of not believing her abilities and more.
  • The warning signs are always there, from day one. The best thing you can do, no matter how much fear you have is to say No from the onset. This will save you  in many ways, not only financially but with your own respect and integrity.
  • It is helpful to 'use their language' when leaving the situation, if you can't do it cold turkey.

What I learned:

I saw the worst in myself reflected in this person, my judgments, fears, insecurities, family dynamics, and more.

Do I wish I'd said no years ago, of course. But it is what it is. Why did I continue as long as I did, because I was in a state of despair, did not want to take any responsibility for my own life, and thought things would eventually change... they never did. Only thing that changed was my checking account and the amount of years I spent hanging on to being in denial and in a delusional state, and PTSD.

I've worked with Mas in person, many 21 days, IGH's, the Healing Mastery program (part way) and much more. I've never felt any kind of manipulation, coercion, projection or cult like feeling whatsoever. On the contrary, his boundaries are very clear with the work that he offers.

There was a five year gap between leaving this healer and trying out Mas. I needed time to come out of PTSD, recover from the shame and other issues. I now see that I was more aware than this person was on many things. I always denied my own gifts of intuition. Big note to self, only you can make the changes in your life you desire.

There are times when I have questioned Mas and have come to an understanding as to what he has said, and I've been able to discern his suggestions much clearer than ever before in my life. He has no mal-intent or desire to harm anyone. He has no attachment or judgment to any one's outcome with the work that he does.

I look forward to the 2nd Part of this Podcast.

Thank you, best to all.

Susie M

Add on: I feel it's so important for people to know this can happen to anyone. Smart, intelligent, educated, wealthy, poor. young, old, religious, agnostic, atheists etc... this experience doesn't discriminate.

Also, as a note. When  I realized that I was/am  responsible for every decision in my life, this is when I could say no to this person and not have any fear of any consequence she inferred, suggested, threatened or that I imagined.  I am slow on the uptake in many areas in my life, but one can not compare one's experience to anyone else. This is where I am and anything is possible.


~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Susie M.


Hi Will and Mas,

I cannot thank you both enough for this wonderful episode.

It helped me review my years of cult, gurus and teachers and for my big surprise, I realized that I still have some issues to be cleared.

Listening to the podcast and to some YouTube interviews I started laughing because it was as if l could see myself back in those same situations.  It is not necessary to repeat them because l think even if my background and country are not the same, the situations are so similar!

I realized how vulnerable we become when we break apart from such situations and bonds. It took me several years to get back to myself (still working on that), to take full responsibility of my life, and to know how to deal with it.  I was completely torn apart when taking the decision to leave all of that behind me, even if deep inside myself l knew it was the best for me.

So, I would like to encourage you both even more to keep on with this subject, because I think somewhere all of us looking for "God" or any name we can give to Pure Source is susceptible to fall into such "traps" because our desire to see what we cannot see but feel becomes bigger than ourselves! And we are ready to do whatever it takes to "get" it.

Much Love and Light to you both!!!!!

By the way, the medihealing in the 2nd part is fantastic.  I could feel frequencies moving within me bringing a profound sensation of deepening even more my healing!

Much love!  😍

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Liliane C.


This month is my second 21-Day after being away from them for awhile, though I have continued to connect with Mas through his various generous free offerings, Frequency Spas, regular remote sessions and  IGH's.

On Day 9, we started at our zero point in both the AM and PM Medihealings. Though I knew what to expect on the second one, the end point was different. In the AM, I felt I was stepping in to grace and what I might call a Goddess type form. Feminine with strength and ease. It was so beautiful.

On the PM, I could see that I was stepping into strength. I could see a perfectly balanced physical form. I was a dancer and now teach yoga so that form was imaged to me. The combination of AM and PM was so complete in so many ways. The most amazing part was seeing the blue light around where I was going to. The grace and beauty was really more then words can explain.

With this, there have been more images of seeing my physical form as a projection from this space.

All these are still glimpses. I can see them when I focus (for lack of a better word) on the blue light around me.

Still, so very gratefully for this experience.

Thank you for guiding me there.

Thank you!

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from D.D.


Blessings Mas and Team,

I just want to share that the spa "bring your spirit out of hiding " is probably THE MOST POWERFUL frequency I had yet to experience.

I went through powerful detox yesterday . Reliving a lot of moments and especially the one event when I was 16 that controlled the rest of my life thus far.

I spent the whole day in anger, depression, brink of nervous breakdown, paralysis, massive migraine,  sinking into it all not searching to come out of it at all despite a friends insistence.

I slept like I have not slept in a few months ...and I woke this morning with a sense of protection, like a fuzzy baby blanket keeping me cuddled and warm.

All these years since I was 16, I have always felt out of sync, out of place, disconnected (unless I am immersed in nature). I now feel and know my life is really starting ..  after 30 something years ..  lol ..

After pain body lipo 2, I know I will be able to trust myself ..  and live .. and hopefully assist others on their journey ..

Much Love and Thanks ...

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Amazia


I'm terrified to public speak. To even ask a facilitator a question at a work training is incredibly challenging. I freeze and check out half way through my question and what I do say, doesn't make sense. I end up being extremely embarrassed, over whelmed and miss a good part of what the facilitator is trying to teach, after that.

On Thursday March 23, 2017 I went to a group training, facilitated by a government agency. I don't know what came over me, ( I've been stunned about it since Thursday) but I asked multiple, intelligent, well articulated question that even my colleagues and boss,who think I'm a nutter, were stunned and shock and thanked me. Even the facilitator stated that they had wish I was part of test group that worked out the bugs. I felt like I have never felt before, incredibly proud of myself and a confidence like nothing I've ever experienced, that has stayed with me.

You can imagine my surprise today when I did the group healing. It isn't unusual for me to have energies of future teachings come through but nothing like this. I am truly grateful for the work you do, it has changed my life in countless ways. I have been going to spiritual teaches for over 10yrs and have never had the discipline to continue on with linage meditation practices. Ive just started 21-day medihealings as of Jan 2017. It's extremely unusual for me to have the discipline to have just completed 3 straight months and I'm already signed up for 21-day in April.

The fruits I've received from the medihealings, far exceed anything I've ever done before. Words can't describe my gratitude. Thank you!!

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Michelle Thomsen


Silent medi from Peru feedback -

- quiet from the start - I just assumed connection was bad so I got on with focusing in the body/pedestal / core Earth frequencies/ expanding into Spirit body - then I just experienced a big shift - like changing gear - everything expanded (difficult to describe in words) I was present but not my body - I'm not religious ... but it felt like what it must feel like when people say - I Met God - after felt serene calm crying in a good way ... heat like volcanic lava in my body ... all in 20 minutes ... nice trip!!! xxx

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Jennifer Dean


Dear Mas,

I had a session last month in the IGH group . Once it was my turn I ask to be scan. Mas picked up on my fear. I said I had a lifetime of fear and Mas said yes and the previous lifetime too. No wonder I had such a life full of fear. It made so much sense to me.  Since then I haven't had any fear. I don't wake up with it in the morning and I don't get any triggers of fear during the day when someone says something to me . I AM SO GRATEFUL to have the fear completely gone. This has been a life long search to release this  from myself doing many modality . Mas did it in 5 mins.

I had also asked at the end of my session that I was cold a lot. I could be cold when it 70 degrees out side. Sometimes bone cold. He reminded he wasn't a doctor. He told me he saw me in a dungeon in  a previous lifetime. I was so shocked that he saw that in me, because I had done a regression therapy and I saw myself in jail like setting being very cold.

Since then I don't get that bone cold feeling anymore.  I still have  some coldness, but not like before. Again I AM SO GRATEFUL to you MAS for helping to clear life issues. I would recommend  your  work to anyone who can hear this.

Thank you again.

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Sue A.


Yesterday's morning meditation was amazing. Even though I always like hearing Mas guide us through because of the REASSURING vibrational tone of his voice, the meditation was very expansive and you could feel the ONENESS of it all. I wish I could explain what I mean a little better, it is difficult to articulate the experience of it sometimes.

Thank you so much for helping us navigate this space Mas you are an incredible guide!

I feel my journey with you will continue until I am able to guide children (in some way) back home to the truth of who they really are!!

Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you!!!!

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Lisa


During the  21 day Medihealing when there was no talking on his end, I felt an energy in my body - mainly my torso. I suppose if you imagine smoke filling a container it was a little like that but the smoke was this kind of energy. I concentrated mainly on my head and then my heart area during the meditation. I felt very relaxed.

I would like to say also that this morning I got up early and downloaded the meditation from 17th pm. ( I am in the UK so this is like 2:30 am for me) I set off to work and listened to it a couple of times.

I was in London in the tube and had to wait 13 minutes I think it was for the first tube at one particular station. There were not many people on the platform as it was still only 6am. So as I meditated I could feel this warmth in my heart area down to my solar plexus - (roughly) but more towards my spine. It was a really nice warmth. So much so that on several occasions I had to open my eyes and look down and around to see if there was a heater of some kind. I couldn't see any and I would continue. I t was very nice for want of a better expression.

Kind regards,

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Scott Handley | UK


Hi Mas Sajady,

I wanted to share my experience on the morning of the (muted 21 day medihealing) while you were in Peru...

I was lying in bed getting ready to relax and start the morning 21 day medihealing. After about 15 minutes I realized there was probably not going to be any sound coming through, so I switched off my phone and lay there.

Normally when I do the morning 21 day medihealing program I am fairly sleepy (as it's either 3.30am or 4.30am here in New Zealand).
This particular morning I was fully awake. I had this very strong pull from my spirit to get out of bed. I walked downstairs into the kitchen and a voice said make yourself a cup of tea, it will help soothe you.

I then sat outside in the back yard. The moon was bright and the stars were out. It was the first time I truly felt I was there in the present moment in the stillness that was there. At one with the earth.
The next thing, the tears came flooding out. I just went with it snot and all, falling down onto my lap. I felt this was somehow a massive release.

The last few days I felt as if I was in a tornado and that morning I was spat out the other side needing to put myself together again. Feeling lost, but a sense that everything was going to be ok. A huge letting go!!!

With the work that you do, I feel like my spirit has found the key to the universe. One l have been looking for my whole life and possibly many other lifetimes.

Thank you, Mas!!!

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Pam | New Zealand


Hi, Just wanted to say I was wonderfully amazed when I got your email about the audio glitch of no sound that had happened this morning on the 21 Day Medihealing program,.

During the silent 21 day medihealing, I had silently meditated throughout.  Felt a lot of energy / frequencies, had to lay down after for half an hour.  After getting up,  I had this strong feeling that I did not feel like working today and wanted to do something different (doing things differently was previous days theme also), but could not really yet come up with anything that was different to do. Then I got your email afterwards mentioning that the soundless 21 day medihealing had been about "The Art of Doing Nothing".  Perfect.  Thank you.

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Kim Hubar


Thank you so much Mas! On a sidenote, after doing the 21 days for several years I have finally took the leap to do this spring Healing Mastery and am feeling like a brand new person; best experience of my life so far! For the first time in my life I feel STRONG and unafraid of the future. Thank you for leading us to the start of our journey!

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Kayla


I am writing because I have had quite the journey before and with Mas Sajady programs. When I first started with Mas I was really lost and confused and searching for home I didn't know what home was, but apparently my spirit did. I had a private IGH with Mas Sajady last week and he thought that I had been off and on with him, even though I have been on with him constantly for the past two years. I was slightly confused until after I got off the call I realized that I can understand and even see how Mas would see that I was off and on. Those points where he sees that I was not with him or actually points where I ascended and I think that is pretty cool. I have heard him interview people through the last two podcasts about their ascendance experiences, their new abilities, and how they can see things and it is really interesting. He also told me that as soon as he remove the cloak of stuff around me that I would be able to start manifesting and things would start to come almost instantly and he is right. It is now time that I find balance in this ability and he also recognized all my other abilities. I don't know that my story is different from others, but I am beginning to understand what he means by things just starting to happen, things just starting to move forward, and this is what is happening for me and it is happening at a pretty steady pace. For instance today, the heater in my jeep has not been working for a very long time and as I left my jeep and went into the mall I charged A desire with emotion for it to start because I was tired of being cold. When I got back in the jeep and it warmed up I turned on the heater and it turned on and it has kept working all day. Things like this are happening to me all the time. I would just like to thank Mas Sajady for helping me and for guiding me. Should he ever want to hear my story then I would be glad to tell him. Y'all have a nice day now thank you.

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Jackie



A letter of healing....

I was blessed to be picked as a caller on the Unconditional Love call, Part 2.   How exciting.... my heart always pounds, even after working with Mas Sajady programs for over three years.  Certainly not three years of bliss!   A lot of hard painful distortions, detox, low self esteem, unconfident and lots of fears had to be faced.   Wow, what a journey it has been.   Yet, when I was picked to talk to Mas, I felt positive and a sense I have come far and ready to embrace my new awakened self.    I am always little surprised when Mas brings up something along the lines of, "I am almost there, still holding on and have to let go!"   I rack my head around.....what else?   A sense of, I am still not good enough.   A real hard look at myself, husband, kids, family and friends.   What could I possibility be holding on to!

When I said I wanted to run to the door and open it to my new awakened self....I was serious.   I am not going to keep staying at "almost there".   I am done with working on myself.   It is time to live!  And then it hit me, as much as I say I am ok and listen to all the Medihealings, I always have a sense of anger towards the fact I was only about 8 years old when my brother assaulted me.    I buried these thoughts for so many years, until I started working with Mas' programs.   I really thought I healed from it and it is the one thing that is almost deleted from me for good.  But it is the one thing I still can cry about when I really face how angry I am that I was just a little girl and he was suppose to be watching me while my parents were out.    He had to threaten me at that time because I cherished the ground he walked on for years.   I would clean his room and he would throw a nickel at me.    Treated me so mean and I took it all.   I would just wait to get attention from him and it usually was very mean.    I took this abuse for years.   Even had him be a Godfather to one of my children (which I have since removed him of this).    What a fool.   How weak of me.   I allowed abuse to come to me for years and I started to see this pattern run in my now marriage and in relationships my children had.    No wonder when I first heard Mas I clung to him, I probably was begging for help, please save me.   My whole family abused me in their way.   (none of us knew better) I didn't have any idea who I was.  BUT, I could not be responsible to pass this down to my children.    I am going to remove all this and break free and in my mind, save my children from these patterns.    I have to say, it has not been easy.    I can't even begin to list how many things I tried.    How much I begged to be free.   How many times I said, I surrender.    Is anyone listening to me???   I even believe at one time Mas didn't even know what to do with me.   I was desperate and so scared.

I would imagine many that were abused as a child like I was and is going through alot of detox.    It is so confusing to a child to be treated like this.   Everything I learned as a kid was draped in abuse.   And it wasn't until I reached the age of 40 I finally started to remove all these patterns or face them.   I met Mas at about age 45, my husband and two sons all have worked with him.  My goal was:   I will not leave them with any of these patterns.    I may wish at times that I didn't take years to fix me but I now believe in the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.   Ya, it really really sucks that I experienced this all.   I even faced the fact I abused my children in my own sucky way.   I made so many mistakes.   Lived by so many rules.    It was everyone else's fault.   Since this all, I have faced and apologized to my children, husband and others if needed.    I owned my part in holding on to this abused child because I didn't have to take responsibility of anything.   Because I was injured, I had an excuse how I acted.     I started to see how much at fault I am for where I am right now.    And all I knew what to do about it was cry because that would get me the sympathy I need to make me feel better and didn't have to feel the real pain that was there.

Working with Mas has inspired me to be real, present, forgiving and finally awaken!   I notice what I notice.   Certainly not perfect.  Still learning who I am but I do have a chance of real freedom and I took this journey knowing it wasn't easy but was real.   Waking up and really seeing what is real is a surrendering moment.   I no longer want to fix anyone, they have free will.    I am confident my husband and children are fine, I am fine.    I still love to dream big and get excited to think what is possible for my life.    I am in the unknown.   Don't really know who I am.   I ask my spirit what can we experience today?   What else is possible?  How does it get any better than this?   I am here and real finally.   Mas!   Somehow I did it.   With your help, I did it!    Don't know anything about me but I am real and that brings such joy and bliss.    And that feeling of not really caring, is such a caring real moment.   I don't care.   But I am real.   Thank you for not giving up on me, even though I was a tough customer.   Thank you for assisting me to the road of freedom.    I am a value to this thing called life and will be, who I am.

Thank you for letting me share my healing moment.

Much unconditional love to all.

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Kris


What did Mas do to me 🙂

I am astounded after my IGH this morning. I went from eating pop tarts for supper to buying lemons that I binged on and had broccoli and avocado for supper. No more junk and binging cravings. I started cleaning my place after months of a dirty mess. Most of all I handled a bully situation at work today with grace and ease. I am so happy I feel like crying. Thank you Mas for helping me. I genuinely felt hopeless to a deep happiness. I'm totally amazed!!!

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Annonymous


Dear Mas Sajady Team: Please tell Mas THANK YOU for calling on me last week on the 21 days. Mas made the connection between my chronic vertigo  (which I didn’t even mention) and my candida (which I didn’t even know I had!). During the call he kept asking me questions and I kept saying “no” – it wasn’t until after we hung up that it hit me and of course he was right on target. He always says he is not a doctor, but he did what NO other doctor has been able to do and that is link my candida with my vertigo. He always says that doing the 21 days will connect you to the right resources and he was the right resource to diagnose my problem. I am so grateful, as always.

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Annonymous



Simply amazing. I have been working with you now for almost 2 months and find that my attitude towards life has exponentially improved. During our break from the 21 day medihealing program, I have continued to review your podcasts and healing spa, and this morning had a wonderful experience of release and simultaneous joy feeling whole and one with my spirit body.

Thank You.

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Caroline


‎Dear Mas Sajady, Everytime I feel change in my body , I would not be able to sleep. Well last night was one of those nights that I tossed and turned. So first I reviewed your Podcast program on sleep. I got more relaxed . but My body was all over the bed moving . Then I pulled out your " Frequencey Spa / Energetic Saging. " Well I was out like a light. All Night I slept. A hard sleep. My cat and doggie had to wake me up.

Thank you Kindly.

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Mary


"I have worked with Mas Sajady programs for over 2 years now. Every month with the 21 days and everything else I can get me hands on. As a woman in my 40's I was pleased to say I GREW 2 inches IN HEIGHT. AWESOME.
5'1 to 5'3."

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Dr. Naunie Maddox., 41, Nashville, TN, USA


"I love when Mas Sajady talks about how awakening can actually increase our access to new possibilities. The other day my computer crashed. I rely on it for work and at that moment had 10 days to complete 3 weeks worth of work before a vacation. NOT IDEAL TIMING! (...said 1 possibility...).

So I dropped all plans and rushed off to the Apple Store, doing my best to not lock my thoughts onto the seemingly most obvious reality (doom & gloom), to allow more optimal possibilities to surface.

I ended up having the store manager review the computer with me, instead of the usual tech employees. He diagnosed my computer with a $600 repair job, that until 8 days ago had been under warranty. (Ahh! Really?! Deep breath. New possibility?) ... he then proceeded to share how he felt bad, so as an authorized manager he chose to waive the fee for me. But, in doing so his store would need to do the program repairs in-house, meaning a 7 day turnaround instead of 3.

I kindly thanked him and asked to be called asap as I really needed the computer for work. His response "Well if you need to get work done, and have room on your card, just go ahead an "buy" one of the laptops then return it before the 14 day return date." Me: "Umm... (confused face) ... I'd feel bad, wouldn't that totally be screwing you over???" Him: "Oh no, it's totally cool. No worries!" His Co-Worker: "Oh my gosh, bless her heart, she actually FEELS bad!" By-stander: "Seriously!" Me: "Uhh (dumbfounded) ... Ok?".

Basically, a seemingly awful situation transformed into a beautiful blessing. So stay open to new possibilities, they always exist!

I've worked with Mas on and off since he began his work. I'm beyond grateful for the changes I've experienced, the increased awareness, and the infinitely growing number of possibilities in my life. Thank you seems like such a small word, but, thank you."

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from AJ, 36, Graphic/Web Designer, Minneapolis, MN, USA


"Mas, when you went to the UK at the beginning of November, you worked on my 14 year old son who has learning difficulties. I am delighted to say that he has made huge progress at school and can concentrate much better. He showed me his December school report and has already achieved his July 2017 target grades in all subjects but Maths and English! His knee is also better. A huge thank you!"

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Hanna B., 59, Teacher, England UK


" When I saw Mas Sajady, I experienced the most powerful meditation of my life. The focus was on letting go of your ego entirely (Strange how THAT one had a giant effect on me…). I can’t describe the feeling precisely but for the next 4-5 days, I felt as if something had shifted…like someone had massaged my brain…and then it felt almost like I had an energetic hangover…or soul detox. I wasn’t sure exactly what changed, but it was physiological…tangible…and paradoxically concrete.

I went back to work and nothing was the same. The paranoia was gone. My frenetic mind calmed. And for the first time in my life, I felt as if there was a beautiful, effortless rhythm to my workdays. This alone, was worth the 10hr drive I took to see Mas in-person. To say this was freeing is a gross understatement.

So yes, there’s plenty to be skeptical of when it comes to energy healers and programs. But maybe, just maybe, it’s worth temporarily suspending your skepticism. You never know which gifts are waiting for you."

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Zach Luzcynski, 28, Life Coach, Sonoma, CA


"Incredible results! After 15 days, a multimillion dollar investment which was going bankrupt now will return a huge profit. Next, today I settled a lawsuit in my favor that was really nasty. Finally a company I was going to close now is successful. I am speechless. Only very powerful energy could have brought these results in such a short time. This really works! I can't wait for my first in person session!"

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from JR


"Mas, I am still in awe of what has happened but I want to thank you for the miraculous improvements in my business and personal life!!! My once ‘dusty’ relationship with my wife has completely renewed itself…you didn’t give us program assignments or homework…with simply two sessions everything is just fine at home now! I don’t understand how it worked but I absolutely love and so enjoy my marriage now! As for my company, it went from ‘OK’ to GREAT!! My intuition in the stock market noticeably sharpened after sessions with you and I am now able to make confident and quick decisions which has generated impressive growth for my clients and my own portfolio. I can’t thank you enough. I don’t know what else to say….thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!!"

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Jay & Lucy W. California


"So just wanted to say since the forum review on business success in sept and the Boulder weekend --- I have gotten almost a $90,000 raise. Awesome!!! Thanks Mas!"

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from N.M.


"It has been a year now since I wrote my first testimonial after an industrial group healing program session. I have gone from not having money to put gas in my car to six months later earning almost $400,000 in my business.  To say that this journey has been challenging would not begin to describe the turmoil in my personal and professional relationships as well as my finances.  I understood clearly that the challenges were my detox, and during my sessions with Mas Sajady he would remind me that I was one of those who had a lot of layers to review and peel and that I just needed to hang in there. After years of searching, I am grateful that my spirit led me to Mas.  I am one of the lucky ones that has been given a chance to write an even better story for myself and my family!  Love and blessings."

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Florence


"Dear Mas,

I want to thank you for changing my relationship with money.

In our 21 day meditations, and we went down the stairs to an open door, I had a thread of a memory where my father emptied my savings account and I don’t know what happened to the money. I believe it was that very moment that caused me to believe I cannot keep money.

Recall the miracle of a trading account naturally appearing with no effort what so ever - my form of income? Well, it occurred to me as I was tired of losing money, that I no longer had to give it away and suddenly, a veil lifted and my rule set changed.

You truly do offer 360 degrees of abundance!! I’ll let you know if the man materializes out of thin air too!! (One can only hope!)"

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from L.L.P.


I went from "i might need to borrow money for rent this week" to " I can afford the Healing Mastery Program!!" And not only did my abundance change, I changed too. I went from "Why is this happening to me??" to "How can I connect to Pure Source even stronger?" There is so much power in every Medihealing, every podcast, every interview, every video of Mas that change is a happily inevitable occurance. I cannot wait to grow even more! Mas, thank you so much! I say "single mum" with so much power and pride now, knowing my kids and I are riding a beautiful, powerful, supportive frequency from Pure Source.

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Missy Wise, 38, Home Maker, Queensland, New Zealand


"Hi…I had my 15 min. session with you yesterday and I simply must write a testimonial.  I am so changed that I hardly recognize myself.  I know that you are no longer going to offer the one-on-one 15 minute sessions, so I won’t mention that. Our programsession yesterday was the icing on the cake.  (I really have to restrain myself here because I could easily sound over-the-top!)

I cannot thank Mas enough for the daily meditations and the powerful energy that he used to “work on me.”  In just three weeks I am changed… so changed that I hardly recognize myself.  Before Mas, I had a constant dread of not having enough money and of something awful about to happen.  I have worried about a lack of money my entire life; it was like carrying a constant weight on my shoulders.  Now, it’s gone and in its place is an unusual clarity and joy and an excitement about what is possible.  Last night, coincidently, I heard about how easy it is publish your own book on Kindle and create a passive source of income, so here goes!  Mas assures us that as we continue to meditate, we will never lose our connection to Source.  Thank God!  That connection IS life!

Thanks so much for your help.  You may use the above in any way you see fit."

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Joan BW, Chicago


"Amazing how quickly I was guided to a whole new set of business contacts and I may have the opportunity to express the teaching side of me! Thanks again.  I will connect with you on the 21 day medi-healing."

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Lara


"I don't know what you did but my business has picked up dramatically. I cant believe the orders that are coming in. Thanks and I would like to schedule another session with you soon."

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Bruce K, Seattle WA


"I felt I was not being paid properly for what I offer.  After attending some of Mas Sajady's programs I made my rates a lot higher and felt better. It suddenly felt in the flow and natural rather than daunting. Right away new people began to call and sign up under my new rates. This felt so good. I felt I was respecting myself in this way.  Once they came in on my new rates, they were so happy that they immediately signed up  for more so as to work on additional life areas. I do find I am  attracting people who are ready to use what I give 100%. Also, after working with Mas, new people came to help me who are IDEAL. People came to volunteer top expertise to  help spread the word about my work. They showed up. Yes, this is wonderful. Thank you!

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Anonymous

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