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Mas Sajady Program Reviews on Physical Health 2

Thank you so much Mas Sajady for editing me on Friday in industrial session program. I feel like something has shifted/cleared. I have been on a very intense spiritual journey for about 25 years now and while I have had transformation and change the only time I have ever felt free from anxiety and fear was for a few months 15 years ago when I had advanced cancer and wasn't expected to live. As soon as I turned that around the anxiety issues returned though less intensely as I was so glad to be alive. I had resigned myself to living with at least low level anxiety forever but since this session I actually feel free of fear, I know it is early days but I am so grateful.

God Bless

I just wanted to write a Mas Sajady program review about my transformation since working with him! I was very sick when I first came to Mas. I had Ebstein Barr and candida. At the time I didn't know about the candida but Mas picked up on it which then lead me to the right remedy. I have had several igh sessions and was lucky enough to meet him in person at one of his events! After each session, I started to feel better and better. Each talk I had with him has always been accurate as to how I was healing and what would help me. I have been feeling great and back to normal. Today I had an igh and he once again picked up exactly how I am feeling and I am finally strong!!I will continue to do the 21 day medi healings and sessions with Mas.  I just can't thank Mas enough! I highly recommend him!! I have also had many other transformations in my life after the 21 days! Thank you so much Mas!



We all hear about miracles, but I have never had experienced it myself , until a few months ago. My little 4 year old nephew was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in his eye. It all happened in less than one week. I contacted Mas Sajady's support assistant and asked for help, but was not able to get a hold of her and left a message. Meanwhile, many tests were done and the very last one was MRI. When the doctors came and gave us the news that it was not cancer, we could not believe what had just happened. The specialist who gave us the bad news had said “ it is 90% cancer. I would be very surprised if it is not” .
Can you imagine?

He was scheduled to see another specialist for further evaluation and treatment. He happened to be one of top specialists in the country for this particular issue. This specialist, like the 1st one, was doubtful of the MRI result and ordered another CT scan and MRI for review. For a moment, just picture what his parents were going through. Their otherwise completely healthy boy is diagnosed with such a horrible disease in a matter of hours, then relieved , and back to the same issue again in a few days.

While waiting for the results of the 2nd round of tests, I heard from Mas and a few hours later Mas talked to the little boy’s Mom.

He told Mom that he does not see any tumor. He said he only saw some blockages which would be drained naturally by his body. The assurance in his voice put the Mom at ease and the next day or so when they went to review the results of the tests, the specialist said exactly what Mas had said.  Earlier he had said to the parents, that even if it turns out to be not cancer, a minor surgery would be needed to drain the liquid. He then said they could wait to see if he would get better naturally. I told my sister that she needed to wait since Mas did not see any reason for surgery. She did, and in the next two weeks little boy  was much better. The doctors were very happy that he recovered so quickly and no surgery was required.

Now he is 100% good again. The confidence that Mas gave my sister that night, was the greatest gift he could give her. For the 1st time after one week, she was able to sleep and not cry and pray all night. And the fact that his body took care of the draining the liquid naturally, was just unbelievable.
I just can’t think of any other term but miracle to describe this experience. Can you?

Thank you.

- Faye Z.

I only spent 5 minutes with Mas Sajady and my spine straightened after 30 years of scoliosis. My family are in shock, my yogi is amazed and I keep checking to see if it's true. It's true. Bless you.

-Tom Hughes, 47, Therapist, Burlington VT

I wanted to let you know & Mas about all the beautiful compliments that I have been receiving lately; which I just know are because of the work that I do with the Pure Source via Mas' meditations, the Industrial Healing Sessions with Mas, and all by myself with the Pure Source, and of course your upbeat motivational talks which keep me going.  I'm not mentioning this due to vanity, but because people's reactions to me have taken me by surprise  -- the people's reaction at work, even during my visit to family while I was on vacation, and more men seem to be coming forward to just say hello or to speak to me. Today when I returned to work (few weeks off/teacher summer break) many of my colleagues noticed how much weight I've lost (over 20 pounds so far),  told me I was glowing (Pure Source),  my longer hair with new color and style (FrequencySpa beauty), and even mentioned that I look younger (Frequency, cell rejuvenation, cutting contracts, etc.) and wanted to know how I was doing all of this! Here I am 62, and these 30 and 40 year olds are asking me how I am doing this!  Wow!  Of course,  I told them that I meditate a lot and am eating much better foods - some of them want me to teach them how to do all of this.  I never thought I'd see the day that I want to eat salads, but that is mainly what I crave nowadays.   On my way home today, I was singing.  I'm more at peace. The 2 years that I've been working with Mas' methods are paying off!  I still have lots to do, but it's nice to stop and smell the roses and take note that I AM changing/ascending/spiraling upwards.

I sincerely thank Mas, you, and the Pure Source.



I wrote this review after Mas Sajady worked on me in the New York program.

Cancer Testimonial review!!!! March 20th 2014 I was diagnosed with uterine cancer and also clear cell cancer in my pelvic lymph nodes; which put me at high Stage 3.

I had surgery and chemo but knew I also needed to do alternative procedures as well. I began seeing an acupuncturist as well as taking Chinese mushroom herbs and changing my diet. About a month after the diagnosis I found Mas. I was deleting emails and my finger actually stopped on an email from Gregory Hoag and it was about and interview with Mas. I knew immediately I needed to work with him!

I did a couple of Mas Sajady's 21 day program healing sessions. I also had 2 Industrial Group sessions and 2 private online sessions as well as doing the Cancer Frequency-Clinic. They were amazing and powerful. My doctors were amazed at how well I was doing. The side effects from the chemo were minimal and I felt very positive. When I finished the Chemo series they did a Pet Scan on me and there were NO CANCER cells detected.

However, because of the clear cell cancer, they were concerned that this very aggressive cancer might not be detected and told me I had a high risk of it coming back if I did not do radiation therapy. I decided not to do it. I felt healed; especially because of how I felt with Mas's work. So flash forward to 6 months later and another Pet Scan. They could still not find any cancer cells!

My doctor was amazed and happy and needless to say so was I! Please let Mas know how grateful I am for the gift that he has shared with me and so many others. His work has not only helped me to heal from cancer but it is changing my life and truly giving me a greater connection to Pure Source!!! Words truly cannot express my gratitude!

Blessings and Much Love

Dear Mas Sajady,

Along with you, I have a chiropractor who has been miraculous with my ongoing healing.  I found him the same day I found you.  I got to work with him immediately and then a month later with you.  By the time I worked with you I was already much better and doing small things without pain that I hadn't been able to do in a couple of years.  I have been diagnosed with severe spinal stenosis in stage 3 which is ugly.  I also have scoliosis and arthritis.  The pain has been totally debilitating even of my personality.  Then you were added into the process which was also amazing.  I exploded into quicker more depth freedom of movement as you released two energetic miscarried entities that were inhabiting my body and pushing on my spine.  You told me that the chiropractor would be able to do more and it would last longer.  Well the first time he worked on me after our session he moved so much spinal response he jumped away from the table flabbergasted.  Maybe he even got an energy shock 🙂  I continued to get better faster and deeper on all levels.

Last week you worked on me again and since then I feel even stronger mentally, physically and spiritually.  My chiropractor is the continuous holder of the healing and you are now the impetus of more even than I perceived could happen.  I am so grateful for you as part of my team for loving myself, caring for my body and recreating my life.  My focus now has become the receiving of the wholeness of my shattered spinal bones.  I know anything is possible and so it already is.  You are a healer who can access the dimension that my whole spine already exists in and is waiting to join me in this body.  When you work on me I am in suspended animation and not able to move for awhile afterwards, but then move I do even more than I was moving before.  Yesterday I actually walked 1/2 mile AND washed a 600 ft. square floor.  Five months ago I couldn't wash anything or walk down the driveway, or cook (because I had to stand), or grocery shop or be available to others and the list goes on.......  I could do practically nothing. My mind has been expanded also into new realms I thought about but now I know about and experience and feel.  Thank you for your giant contribution as we dance in the ethers of other dimensions together.  I am forever flowing with gratitude.


Great seeing you last weekend! Even though I didn't tell Mas anything that was going on with me I woke up the next morning with my terrible shoulder pain and migraine headache completely gone. Yay!


"...I don't know what he did but he fixed it before my order even came in the mail. Everything seems OK now 🙂 he also made my period stop after 13 days, amazing!"

~ Sarah N.

Hi Mas, David again. We both truly appreciate you taking my question live yesterday AM. Thank you SO much for working on me - I felt it - and your measured, mindful messages for Pam. The caution to check for possible medical intervention was noted. The results reviewed have been extraordinary since then, including an instant rainbow, revelations of long-hidden Truths and Pam's great calm and strength when facing potentially life-threatening symptoms (which you had foreseen). Prior to this, she had felt a marvelous detox had turned into something darker. You connected us spiritually to a healing path which opened up and enfolded us, as we simply flowed through all this. With our eternal gratitude and love. ~ David & Pam, Exeter, UK

I had a session with Mas Sajady March 12th 6:30. I am in my body for the first time in my life.  I taught class today after falling on my tail and sacrum last week unable to walk – and today Wed. after the session last night – my legs are stable, working well, clear and articulate. I am without pain and i feel in my body on the planet.  This is a a gift beyond description. I am inside, not outside. Ready for 2nd floor.

Much appreciation.
S. S. Mann

“Now I really know you are a special healer; better than all the rest. When you said Your father is playing jokes on you with all that 11:11 stuff, I didn’t quite get it, until I talked to my mom. She said when someone would go see him on his hospital bed, he would be fine UNTIL they were getting ready to leave, then he would pretend he was dying. His caretaker said, your father is playing jokes on you…..the exact words you said and you don’t even know him. Isn’t that amazing!!!

Oh yes, you are special, you are the one, that is why I was attracted to you. My mom’s knee is a lot better (she’s 92) she is not putting the brace on her knee since you worked on her…although I tell her to wear it just the same. My left lower leg is also better. I could feel the energy moving from the left side to the front after you worked on me yesterday.

I am proud that my two sons resonate towards their grandmother’s frequencies because it means they will succeed in their business programs. My mom had 8 children, a grocery store in the house, making house parties at night with Tupperware, Clothes, Beauty Councellor and Avon, selling tickets of all sorts.  She picked berries and sold them near the road, made bread and sold it, sold fruits and vegetables etc. Vacations? That didn’t exist. She was a mother and a business woman all in one and worked a lot.

I cannot thank you enough for what you do for people, you should be very very proud of yourself.

Juanita T. Montreal, CA

“I was experiencing severe pain in my breast for months after putting my cell phone in my bra for two years…I heard about Mas Sajady programs and made an appointment…the healer got rid of my pain in one 30-minute session…the pain has never returned! I don’t understand how it worked but I so appreciate this gift! It’s simply a miracle! Thank You!!!”

Fiona C, San Diego

“Awesome experience!! I would enjoy having another appointment with Mas Sajady and also bring our kids. Mike is breathing better too.”

Amber M, San Diego

“You have an incredible gift to heal the seemingly impossible cases. I have had sciatica problems for over thirty years and it is completely healed! You are one of the most powerful healers on the planet-bar none! Your divine gifts and programs open up tremendous possibilities for each person to vibrate at their peak- at ALL TIMES! I am so grateful that our paths have crossed in this lifetime! With love & gratitude…”

Bryan & Elizabeth M., Tulsa, Ok

On April 24th 2014 I went in for a routine cancer review recommended by my physician. The next day I flew to San Mateo to attend Mas Sajady's program on Friday the 25th. I arrived late and had to leave early because of travel complications but returned the following Saturday to attend the convention. I received a 5 minute healing from Mas.  When I returned home the following week, I received an urgent phone call from the Cancer centre requesting that I come in for 3 more tests as soon as possible. I went in the following week and went through 3 or 4 very specific tests. It turns out that what was originally on the  previous Xray was no longer. They were extremely thorough and tried to locate the image but it was no longer there. I find the timing of all this incredibly serendipitous and miraculous. As a precaution, I must go back in for more tests in a few months as per my doctors. I thought it would be good for Mas to know this in order to note and record the improvements in his clients. Please also let him know that it seems that my PTSD symptoms and the emotional trauma related to a bike accident 14 years ago have dissipated. Astonishingly, I even started riding my bike again (even in the city by myself) a few days ago. Considering the amount of damage that was done and the trauma that I had to relive on a daily basis this is a pretty big deal for me. Other circumstances have improved as well this past week including the dissolution of the past and current life connections to certain manipulative, narcissistic,hateful, vengeful and lying relatives. Time will tell with that one though. Please thank Mas for me again. And feel free to use my testimonial as you wish but with only my initials or the location where I reside (Vancouver). I hope this feedback will bring hope and healing to others who are suffering and are in need of Mas' help. See you all in September.

With love, appreciation and gratitude,

Lisa J.

For longest time I have been having chronic pain on both side of my temporal lobe, also swells up, sometimes it feels like brains going to explode any minute.   I have seen few healers and no one can remove the chronic pain until I met Mas Sajady.  That afternoon when he touched me at the program my whole body went down gently and I had no idea what was happening for few minutes.  Then for few hours I had painful headache so I when up to him on break time and ask him if he can relieve the pain and he did.   It has not came back since then.  Now I have enrolled in the 21 days program on Oct 1, 2013, I am in peace, I love myself for the first time, I am not angry or depress like I use to.  Now I feel like I can work on my big dream, I can actually accomplish my passion. Need to improve my brain, mid brain.  When I am meditating my third eye opens up and I can see most beautiful colors, lights and images of some locations I have never seen and as soon as I become aware of it, image disappear.  If I keep working with beautiful Mas Sajady, I know my brain will be fully functioning soon.

Many blessing to Mas, his family and staff.

Peace, Love and Light,
A. S.
P. S.  What a gentle sweet soul, that day he never stop giving himself to people, even break times people were lining up for healing and he never say no, keep on giving Gods light and live to all of us who were their.

“You worked on me last month at the EdgeLife Expo program in Des Moines. As soon as you touched my back, I felt something shift. It was very disconcerting, but I felt very safe and calm. You worked on me for 15 minutes, and my back hasn’t felt this good in years. I have (HAD) a chronic back condition, and pain was an everyday occurrence. Back spasms would sometimes almost take me to my knees. I haven’t had a back spasm, or any kind of pain since then. My quality of life is back, and I can do things I would never have even attempted a few months ago. I picked up sticks and branches, and raked, for 7 hours this last Saturday. That would have been IMPOSSIBLE before…I would not have lasted 15 minutes! I awoke the next morning, and the only thing that was sore were my legs! I think anyone should try this healing technique, for whatever is ailing you. I know I found a miracle!! I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that I am very happy with my life right now!!”

Jean-Michele C, Seattle

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