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Mas Sajady Program Reviews for the Frequency Spa

My daughters and I have received amazing results already…No migraines and the teenage acne is clearing up.

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Naunie M. (Referring to ‘Glowing with the Flow’)

Dear Mas, I just got off the Group Healing program call and I can’t put my finger on what is different but I know that all the recent challenges I have faced are now going to be resolved. Even after I got off the call, I could still feel you working on me and I had 3 big bolts go right through my heart space. The 5 minutes with you couldn’t have come at a better time. I have reviewed so many positive shifts since I did the 21 Day Medi-Healing program in November and now feel like I have the tools that I need to continue to develop and expand Pure Source within me. I have played several of your frequency spa mp3s for my teenagers while they are sleeping and the change in both of them is miraculous. They are both exerting a confidence and positive outlook towards life that I have never seen before. Our home is a happier one because you came into our life. I look forward to my longer session with you in January.. Happy Holidays to you, your family and all those that support this important work that you are doing.

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Florence


“I fell into a deep sleep soon after the call started…I woke up with tears streaming down on my face….strangely the nagging pain on my right shoulder disappeared and I felt so much lighter emotionally….”

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Cristina F.


Feeling amazing after this! You’re the best!!

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Rachael J. (Referring to ‘Glowing with the Flow’)


I just want to share with you how much I enjoy the Frequency Spa program. Mas Sajady's work is amazing as always. The web page for the Frequency Spa program is so beautiful! I love the presentation! Such a wonderful way to share Mas’ gift!

Thank you for all you do!!

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from D.D.

“Dear Mas, Thank you so much! This was so amazing. I felt a shell crack all around my body and dissipate…This meditation healing spa massage was so incredible. It all came to view as you directed me to go there and I felt it all leave. What a relief. Really vivid stuff right in front of me and I am no longer in that prison.. No longer stuck there, no longer at its command. Still dissipating and grateful…”

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from M.M.

“I sure felt the detox! and Oh My the dreams I had last night. Thank you”
~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Kathy S.

“Just wanted to say that the weight loss/eating disorder Frequency Spa program was the most powerful group healing call yet! WOW!”

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Regina

Dear Mas Sajady…..I want to thank you for the pain body spa…..A few days ago I awoke in a joyful mood for the first time I can remember! I feel the spa session has helped me clear my pain body….thank you for your sessions and providing the review of your personal experience so freely, willingly and lovingly. I am very grateful.

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Bernice

I signed up for the Pain Body Spa program today. It was one of the most intense session(s) I experienced so far. I have not even listened to Part 1 yet. During the mediation tonight, something was pulled out from my right side of my belly when you were asking us to pull out all the things we no longer needed. The hour long meditation tonight was very powerful. It didn’t even seem long, I opened my eyes a few times and where did time go. Of course, you were bringing us through the time line was interesting. It seemed that time was shrunk during the process. I am looking forward to listening to Part 1 and see the full impact of the Spa program.

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Monnie Ramsell

The energy from Thursday evenings live stream seems to keep unraveling and rearranging everything within me. . . like an unending flow of ever-increasing good. Thank you, Mas.

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from A.E.

“Mas! I eat out of boredom all the time but I had ZERO food cravings today. Is it your frequency? I’m really surprised!”

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Tammy

“Hi Mas, I’ll be honest I eat a lot and think about food all the time. I did your weight loss call this morning and went on my day as usual. Miraculously I didn’t feel like eating all day and didn’t even feel hungry when it was the time to eat. Instead I had an urge to work out! I LOVE this change! I hope it’ll last! Thank you!!!”

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Trisha

After experiencing the Mas Sajady program on the Pain Body lipo, I review feeling so much lighter in my body and spirit. My physically body has gotten smaller, especially in the hip and around the abdominal area. I am less bloated and my body weighs less. I have been sleeping very soundly and been releasing a lot of old “stuff” at the same time. I am “tying up a lot of loose ends” and having closure with many aspects of past relationships, jobs, etc. from this and many other life-times. I feel that everything is now falling into place for me, personally and professionally, and it’s time to step into the life that I came here to experience at a much higher vibration. My healing and intuitive abilities have been heightened and my massage clients are experiencing faster, deeper and longer lasting results from their sessions. I am grateful for Mas and his healing abilities and am fortunate to have him so close to me in MN. I am looking forward to my industrial group healing session on Thurs to see what else will be released

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from A.A.

Wanted to check in here and share my experietial review…I closed my eyes, followed the instructions Mas Sajady was giving and found myself in a deep, dark black hole-type energy. I could feel my face all contorted and my breathing was shallow. The pulling out of energy strands from the years 20 – 50 seemed endless, as did the darkness and the scowl on my face….I felt a sense of relief after passing the 50 mark. The energy lightened up, I was breathing easier, the dark slimy pull-outs had turned to golden locks of wispy something or other and the scowl on my face had morphed into an involuntary smile…like some really good, good from within was announcing itself on the surface of my body in a neon sort of way that I had no control over…The webcase concluded, I got up and went outside to sit under the night sky. . .still all smiles At the point at which I looked up at the stars I began to laugh involuntarily. This laughter had a life of its own, an aspect of my True Self which was deeply thrilled to finally be expressing through form. This laughter continued for what seemed to be a very, VERY long time.

During this time I felt myself as REAL, beyond illusion of form, beyond the machinations of the mind, outside of time, inside the belly of the great I AM, the isness. It seemed as if the who I AM of who I AM had been ‘pulled out’ and I was not only experiencing ‘Who I Am’ but also observing it as well. It felt like after 40 years of meditation and working on myself I’d finally made contact and was home.

This was only my second experience with Mas too, the first one was via a radio interview on World Puja network 2 days earlier. During that frequency adjustment I experienced something like great iron shackles, in the form of heavy wheels, being released from my energy field. The next day I awakened and was greeted with an invitation to engage in a project I’ve been ‘trying’ to move forward with for YEARS.

I am anxiously awaiting my phone session with Mas on the 27th as well as the Colorado retreat. To say this work is limitless is an understatement. . .it appears to be even beyond that, which I don’t have a word or concept for. . .beyond the bubbling up of consistent joy and heart-felt gratitude.

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Alison E.

I started meditating with the Mas Sajady program in August and since then sooo many changes.. if you don’t want an upgrade in your life… don’t sign up for Mas!!  The meditations have brought me back inside of myself … I am now aware of the mental chatter.. and have a choice to ask it to take a rest and go to bed and I know this will get easier and easier. I love the meditations every day.

I had a nervous habit that I have had since I was a little girl on and off and recently had been very ON after a very stressful 2 years, in a 5 minute session in the Industrial Strength session Sept 12th (where Mas has 5 people on the call).. he picked up on issues from my childhood that I never share with any one, which was amazing in itself ….but the best is I have not done the habit since.

I also did the frequency spa on weight loss and although there didn’t seem to be instant results I now know that a momentum has built up as about 4 weeks ago I just woke up one morning and just wanted to have a shake for breakfast.. and it continued into a juice fast for 2 and 1/2 weeks. I don’t believe in diets, they don’t work overall for myself and clients gain weight after dieting! however I had a lot of bad habits especially around sugar.    I feel so much better and people are telling me I look great, and that I have lost weight. I don’t weigh myself I just know my clothes are looser

I  have absolutely no desire for candy chocolate etc and I do bake the best chocolate chip scones, even if I say so myself. I make them for others but have no desire for them anymore!!!

I am drawn now to what is best for my body and its amazing how my tastebuds have developed. This is giving my body the fuel it needs from the inside out, and thisis what Mas has helped me connect to on so many levels… Being from the inside out, also my work and relationships are doing even better.

I am so appreciative and thankful and can’t thank you enough Mas…. Blessings and Light to you and your family and all the people that make it possible for me/us to connect with you.

Looking forward to MORE!

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from S.L.P.

I have been doing all of the frequency spa’s each month, listened to all of the World Puja calls, had a private session in August and did the 21 day intensive in September.

I had a couple private sessions with Mas back in 2011 and then almost a year ago I came across Mas’s website and saw the disclaimer about how much your life could change and to only do it if you are ready.  Well I was so ready so I have been doing everything with him and finally for the first time I feel so free mentally and emotionally.

I am married to a wonderful man who loves me so unconditionally and we have children but for some reason I could not let go of a man I was with 8 years ago.  I have wanted to let go for years and was so frustrated why he still consumed my thoughts and the wondering what if or why I wasn’t good enough even though deep down he wasn’t good to me emotionally.  For the first time last week, I could for the first time say I don’t want or desire him any longer and that is so freeing!  That is the only way to describe how I feel – free and a lightness.

In regards to the frequency spa’s – my step daughter commented one night that I looked about 12 years old while I was laying on the floor one night.  My husband couldn’t believe I would look that young so he went to where she was standing and agreed that I looked so young from that spot.  At the time, I was focusing on listening to the beauty and confidence frequency spa’s so even though they didn’t know anything about them, I knew that is what it was.   A few weeks later I asked my husband if he noticed anything different with me and he said “you seem more confident”.  Once again, he knew nothing of the frequency spas so I knew they were working on a level that others could see and feel.

I have ordered a couple of the Purium products and hopefully in the near future do the 10 day transformation cleanse.  I am now striving to feel physically good.  I have lost weight and in other’s people eyes look good but I want to feel good.

I am also going to commend Sonya because she has been a pleasure to work with and has been so helpful over the last few months.

Thanks so much for sharing your gifts in so many ways!

Thank you!

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from T. B

Mas Sajady AppointmentsMas Sajady Program - 21 Day MedihealingFree Mas Sajady MedihealingsFeatured Mas Sajady ReviewsMas Sajady PodcastMas Sajady Program Reviews Warning About Truth of IdentityFAQ: Mas Sajady Detox, Appointments, Meditation, & Other Questions