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Mas Sajady Program Reviews on the Frequency Spa 2

OMG…Incredible!!! I want to do every spa…every meditation!! This is so great!! Tears of joy and gratitude…No greater gift!!…I reviewed last night after the Mother's Spa that I don’t need to do my mothers patterns and I don’t need my husband to be diabetic or paralyzed or heart attacky or strokey like my father was….

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Mary M.

Few hours before the program, I had to lie down on my bed because the energy was so intense. I began to thought about the meditation of Mas Sajady and I slept deeply during 3 hours. I remembered that I wrote a beautiful book about lots of technical, scientific, physical and useful contact information in this book. There was some special information and it was precious for the people. In the dream, I was too surprised to create this book without doing anything !!! And I never been a scientific person ! after this sleeping, I remembered that I’m feel so well when I’m wearing white clothing. So I did it and felt my spirit back in my body, a lighter body and felt peace, joy and more beautiful ! I changed my hairdressing, more feminine. During the program, I felt soooooooooo clear, in pure source energy, very soft, beautiful, grace, happiness, so in love. The essence of my soul…and when the meditation began, my brain vibrated, the muscles of my face danced. when the energy passed through my neck, I saw different faces (not very cool) went away. I was so happy and one minute later, the tensions disappeared, tickled my nose and my sinuses were liberated. After the meditation, my body began more relaxed and I was transported in the space above the earth. It’s so beautiful to see the earth like that and I was nearby different satellites. A “vibration” explained to me that I feel always the space power because my body is very sensitive and I am connected to the frequency of satellites every time. Very interesting ! More I allow who I am, more this “feeling” is amplified!

I had too some “old dream” like being in very old generation without light and joy. And, since I woke up, I felt my body more higher, lighter than my physical body, very present… I feel that my left leg is in a deep transformation, I feel lots of electric sparks on my spine, belly and a BIG joy, love and confidence. The wish to come back in USA is clear and joyful ! Few days before, I allowed myself to be totally unified with my pure spirit with a deep, truth and strong confidence, peace and joy as if I “do” nothing but BEING deeply with everything…! Thank you so much Mas and Jane for this beautiful and amazing healing.

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Mélanie M.

WOW! One of the most powerful Healing vibes yet and I could not stay standing and kept falling back! Sitting and Deep breathing as physiological changes took place. Later outside I saw nature with a clarity I haven’t seen before…This was quite the body/mind restructuring…WOW!

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from F.S.

I’ve been participating in Mas Sajady programs for about a year and everything has helped me in different ways. The Pain-Body lipo spa, though, has been the most intense.

I’m glad we had a day between events because it was needed. I have a lot of imprinted emotions in me from before birth (Mas I’m the one whose mother kept trying to abort her). Along with all that drama, when I WAS born, the birth was so fast that the inexperienced nurse held my mothers legs together to stop me from coming out before she got us to the “birthing room” and my mom, irony in the extreme, had to kick her in the face to let me be born. So from trying to get rid of me to saving me and the fear from the nurse. What a toxic soup of intense emotions I absorbed.

The story doesn’t end there, but my experience with the Pain Body lipo session 1 was intense the following day when I was sitting at my work desk. A sudden sharp pain came into my head and my skull felt too small for my brain. Luckily I was alone so I closed my eyes and my imagination showed me a large octopus like creature with hundreds of arms being sucked from the back of my head. All those tentacles had been stopping me from being me – controlling me. As I saw it being sucked out, I felt my brain come more alive or less constricted. It was like the flow was better. I don’t know how to describe it but there you have it. My headache was gone too.

Lipo 2 was also intense in a different way, but I’ve talked way too much so I’ll leave with that.

Before I sign off I want to say that Mas is not only helping all he interacts with, but he is ALSO very kind and generous with GREAT INTEGRITY. Offering the extra bonus sessions, because he found that the sessions were so intense – that is very high integrity on his part. He won’t leave the participants in a half-sort of limbo. He is being responsible for those who came to him for the healing and he is doing it – the full job. What a truly spiritual healer he is. He honestly cares. May all the blessing of the world follow him in this journey.

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Carole Sumler

That was incredible! Everything about it was wonderful. Very powerful. I have done many of Mas’s Group Healing and this one was amazing. Well, they all are but I really felt this one. Such a large group and so long. It really does need to come with that warning! 🙂

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from D.D.

Mas Sajady's Confidence Spa program was amazing! I play them over and over, especially when I go to bed and have noticed gradual shifts =)

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Sara

Last night around 1am in the morning, my brain started revolving old issues so I knew that I still had stuff in pain body that had not been resolved so I decided to download the Thursday sessions again.  It helped, but the white light that Mas Sajady led us through on the 2nd part was fabulous…I do feel better today and things no longer were going round and round in my mind…I’ve been working with his programs for almost two years now and am always excited for each session as I've reviewed that they are always very effective.  I sleep with one of the meditations every night…365 days a year!

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Mary Jane

Wow!! The confidence spa program today was freakin fantastic!!! I am truly impressed by how amazing I feel! I have been doing the meditations since last summer and have had many changes since then. The last treatment I had from Mas Sajady's program was the pineal gland activation about a month ago. Incredible. My reception antenna has been changed and the connection to divine source is amazing. Today’s spa was so fantastic! I don’t know what the long term affects are going to be yet, however if I review that they are anything like the ones today, life is going to be very tidy and sparkling with love.

So organized after today. Things are simple not complicated. You just have to go with the flow and it all comes right to you.

I hope this all makes sense. I do healing work and it has changed so incredibly since learning Mas meditation technique. Just loving it. Clients are loving it as well.

Quantum healing is amazing.

Much divine love to all of you!

Vanessa and Fay you do an amazing job!

Mas, love that you share your connection and time with all of the world.

Big Quantum Hug!!!

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Kayla

Thank you Mas Sajady for the “Confidence Frequency Spa” today. It was exactly what I needed, when I needed it…..I did feel very relaxed during the session, happy and more confident. I felt he was talking directly to me when he talked about the insecurities he is feeling come out and how we have to get rid of those voices in our head….Much love to you guys and thanks again.

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Lynn D.

Hi Mas, love your frequency spa yesterday! I was so clear after the session and I felt like i had been reset! Thank you Mas! Can’t wait for your next spa call! blessings!

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Nora, Rockford

Hi Mas, your frequency spa ROCKS!! The one yesterday was freaking fantastic I felt like a million bucks after the call!! I want more!! Thank you your energy work is powerful!!!

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Linda, San Francisco

Awesome Session!! I’m going to be doing more. Love you guys!!

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Mounesh S.

Mas, Mas, Mas! My skin is simply dull, grayish dull..especially when I wake up…but it’s GLOWING today! Did you do this? Can’t wait to see what else is possible.

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Donna, Vancouver

I actually only got to hear the last 15 minutes of the spa program. However it’s working. Mas Sajady installed “becoming a magnet” and I review that people are being extremely friendly to me. Looking to me for answers to all kinds of questions and total strangers men and women are starring and saying hello constantly. I love it! I like this type of attention as opposed to some of the other I have gotten such as dirty looks from woman and negative attention from men. Now it’s more about respect for me.

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Lisa R.

I love, love, love the time loop frequency! I felt 20 again but without the stupidity…lol!!

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Flo M.

Excellent! Beauty frequency for the breasts and booty too 🙂 You read my mind, Mas! Can’t wait to see what happens

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Clarissa K.

It was great……..I do feel better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Patty S.

I want to say is that this webinar was awesome! Felt younger and happier during the session and strange sensations on my body. Thank you Mas! Hope to have more of this on a regular basis.

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Awilda B.

I was lying on the floor and my body was buzzing like crazy! I had so much energy all day afterward I haven’t felt this way since my college days!

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Felina C.

I loved your beauty call this morning! I just felt JOY all day, for no reason! It felt like my heart has been busted open and out comes the colors, flowers, music, like in those Disney movies! JOY, simply JOY! Thank you, Mas!!!!!

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Lisa T.

The energy was really powerful this morning! I was ‘high’ all day! Loved it! Can’t wait for the spa day in June =)

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Stephanie C.

Looking forward to the replay. Such a powerful Frequency Spa!! Thank you!!

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Deborah G.

Thank you, Mas Sajady and everyone involved, sooo much for all your wonderful work!!!

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Akiko

I listened to your Frequency Spa program healing this morning and it was so peaceful, relaxing and healing.

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Kathy

“Hey Mas! I am sooooooo excited that you’re doing the beauty spa call!! I was the one who told Faye when you guys were in Long Beach that my Botox lasted twice as long after sessions with you. Actually it lasts longer because not one wrinkles has come back yet and it’s been 7 months!! (usually it lasts 3 months) My cousin noticed the same thing with her Botox too! I hope you’re doing the call often then we’ll all be ageless! God bless you, Mas!!”

~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Suzanne, Long Beach

This was a fabulous experience. I have been working with Mas meditations since last July and all his work is fantastic! Many profound changes in my life and work as a healer. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world.

I gave my mom this for Mothers Day, she loved it! She called me later on and told me she just thought the meditation was so much fun! Brought her back to a great time and released a lot of density.

Much Love and Gratitude!
~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Kaayla

I just want to share with you some incredible review from the Mas Sajady medihealing spa treatment program.

Yesterday a friend called me out of the blue that I haven’t seen in 5 years and wanted to meet for coffee.  I met her today and she is an independent distributor for skin care. She showed me before and after pics and the results were amazing. I showed some interest and she gave me a 30 day trial of the product for free. I will update you on the results in combo  with the mediihealling vibration. That’s not all. I saw another acquaintance from a distance and she was getting in her car to drive off and saw me and decided to come over and say hello. Note; I have seen her many times and usually it’s just a hello in passing. She came over to say that she saw me from behind and she wondered who that beautiful lady was and when I turned around she felt compelled to come over to speak to me. In our conversation she realized that my speech is somewhat impaired due to the arthritis in my left TMJ. She studies treatments that uses natural remedies. She gave me a recommendation that I will try and I will give you an update on that as well .  I feel that these two encounters are due to the change in my vibration. I want to thank Mas for the wonderful Frequency Spa treatment.


~ Mas Sajady Program Review from Bernice

Mas Sajady AppointmentsMas Sajady Program - 21 Day MedihealingFree Mas Sajady MedihealingsFeatured Mas Sajady ReviewsMas Sajady PodcastMas Sajady Program Reviews Warning About Truth of IdentityFAQ: Mas Sajady Detox, Appointments, Meditation, & Other Questions