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Mas Sajady Program Reviews on Relational & Emotional Health

Dear Mas Sajady,

I am deeply grateful for your work and the transformation in my 17 year old son over the last 2 years.

For most of his life, my son was very insecure, frequently sad, and writing  the most depressing, haunting poetry. And although we and his teachers recognized that he was a bright child, it really did not reflect in his grades.  I had always believed that what ailed him could not be cured by going to the doctor and so had tried different types of meditations and herbs in my efforts to help him find peace within.

Not long after I discovered you, I had an appointment and asked you to work on him in your program.  The next morning when he came down for breakfast, it was obvious that there was something different about him.  He had a huge smile on his face and talked about a lightness that he was feeling within.  He started to attract friends, find more interest in school and having a more positive outlook towards life.  This was just the beginning and we both realized that it was important for him to continue with the medi-healing program and to be included in my private sessions.  Although he didn’t have the discipline to stand and meditate, he was committed to going to sleep with your meditations playing in a loop.

As I review, the transformation that has been evident since the appointment and school year started is miraculous. This sad, shy young man who had several teachers recommend medication for ADHD is now confident, committed to excellence, writing positive poetry with so much meaning, and best of all has gone from mostly C’s and D’s in the classroom to almost straight A’s taking mostly advanced level classes at the end of this school quarter.  He is now a senior in high school, a year ago we weren’t sure he was going to graduate and now he is actively going on college visits with a great story tell.  In fact, one of his college essays is a tribute to Mas and how through medi-healing, he has a real chance at success in and out of the classroom.

Our family is forever grateful for your guidance and healing.

With love,


I would like to thank you for your healing today. I loved the healing and afterwards – of course I cannot look myself so well in the mirror or my neck but the bone that was standing a little outside seemed to be straight now, and I felt a lot of power...I mean it was like having my power back."

I replied quite strongly and full in my truth to a male and went salsa dancing and danced from 9pm until half past midnight – nearly all the time- nearly all nice man I know were there and danced with me and even some new ones and I danced perfectly also remembering our session – not hiding nothing – do not caring on peoples opinions and actually they were impressed as I dance really well and I felt so free and myself and had no inhibitions- I remembered the session and that i have hidden so long my joy and that I want so much to live that , live my inner happiness and that is what I did. I also spoke to my Spirit) that I want the same as she he it- live full the beauty and joy of this earth plane, live my joy and who I am and use all my talents and I know that with all this happiness I make people happy too just by being who I am- that is so wonderful. I love this.
I am really extremely grateful for this session. I had a wonderful evening- everyone was so nice to me – I had to take a taxi home and as the driver took a little longer way as he did not know which street number I live- he charged me less. everything was just perfect and joy- there was not a moment of disharmony- I love that!
Many thanks, many blessings!!!

Thank you for everything. I will keep you in my prayers today)

Love and Peace
Hedy S., Canada

Dear Mas Sajady, I just got off the Group Healing program call and I can't put my finger on what is different but I know that all the recent challenges I have faced are now going to be resolved. Even after I got off the call, I could still feel you working on me and I had 3 big bolts go right through my heart space. The 5 minutes with you couldn't have come at a better time. I have undergone so many positive shifts since I did the 21 Day Medi-Healing program in November and now feel like I have the tools that I need to continue to develop and expand Pure Source within me. I have played several of your frequency spa mp3s for my teenagers while they are sleeping and the change in both of them is miraculous. They are both exerting a confidence and positive outlook towards life that I have never seen before. Our home is a happier one because you came into our life. I look forward to my longer session with you in January.. Happy Holidays to you, your family and all those that support this important work that you are doing.
~ Florence

Mas I am so thankful to have discovered the work that you do.

It has changed my life so much, I am a much happier person, more trusting and open, especially with men! Things I used to struggle with, now flow more easily, money, relationships, finding the right situations for myself. Where I used to put out a lot of energy trying to manifest things before, they fall into place easily now. My intuition has increased so I don’t need to overthink things to death anymore.

My disposition has completely changed since I started having sessions with you,

Thank you!

Seasonn Bailey, 43, Homemaker, Alberta Canada


I participated in a remote IGH today and Mas Sajady cleared an issue that I have been trying to "figure out" and review for 4 years. I have struggled to gain clarity and understanding and he helped me so efficiently and easily and told me I should feel "sane" again. I didn't actually realize until that moment how confused I had been - I actually feel like I can think clearly and a world of possibilities are before me! I cannot tell you how incredibly grateful I am for the work that you do, Mas and for the hope for my future you have given me. I absolutely love you. Please continue to change the world with your programs as you have been doing! You are truly amazing and inspiring.

Dione Sordi, 44, Non-Profit Professional, Newton Connecticut


My daughter and I received a healing from Mas Sajady's program during his stay in Boulder recently. We are from out of town so we asked to have a healing before his presentation on Friday. We both thank you for accommodating us. My daughter and I have never been happier. Every once in while, my daughter will come to me and say, Mom, I can still breathe and I feel so good! My depression has disappeared and I can enjoy life again!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, and many blessings to you and your family.

~ Estela Cruz

"Mas, I don't know if you remember working on me. We worked on manifesting a loving relationship. After working on me you told me that I would meet that special someone in about 2 weeks. You were wrong I met him 3 weeks after:) We've been together ever since. For the first time I feel whole. Saying Thank you is not enough."

- Christina L, 27, Real Estate Agent, San Francisco CA

"...Other than the detox plan, what I've reviewed is a strange euphoria that I've been feeling all day today. This morning I had the MRI on my wrist and I know that has a highly charged magnetic field. I'm unsure if that had an effect on me or what? I've reviewed this unexplainable euphoria come over me that is so strange because I have a clear head. It's not like using drugs of any kind but I have a body "high" that is difficult to describe. Shit hit the fan at work with project mayhem (you know how the development world is) and my mood/attitude never heightened and I kept a perfectly even keel no matter what. What a marked difference that's hard to pinpoint and describe.... I hope all is well and I look forward to hearing you speak at your program tomorrow night."

- Dana M., Miami FL

“I have just started a 21 day program with you and I can not tell you how happy this makes me. You said something about a woman who her mother dropped dead at the airport. I cried when I heard the story .. my mother was brutally killed in 2007…Everyday I hurt so deeply and cry everyday for 4 1/2 yrs.. What you said made so much sense to me, for I also go thru the pain of that day over and over everyday…Just cant wait to talk to you one on one…mom and I were bonded to the soul…she was my everything!”

Janice L, Chicago

” I have to thank you for helping me. After my first session, I became worse in my depression and was having such a hard time with everything I scheduled another session. Even after the second one I did not feel what I thought I should feel. The only real difference I saw was that I had asked you to help me quit smoking and within days it was like I had never smoked before! So I began to use the no smoking as my “bar”. If that is happening then so is all the other healing that you have done. It has been very subtle, but very profound, this thing that is happening to me. I know things I wanted answers to, I feel more whole, My Heart Sings (sounds corny but the only way to say it). I feel like everything is sooo OK. I just want to let anyone here know, if you think it’s not working give it time, it is. I have also immersed myself in your Meditation programs and calls, and surrendered to the process, recognizing old pattern as you had suggested in one of the calls. I guess I just decided to believe. Love, Love, Love, “

Elizabeth A C, New Jersey

“With gratitude…For the help and healing you gave to me when you were in town last month! My neck feels great! The pain and stiffness are gone… Your abilities are just amazing! : ) Gracias!”

Marciana K, Houston TX

My mate is an awesome individual who I love. And he has always loved me for being the unique person I am. It has been many years together and some of our unresolved individual quirks  began to cause pain for each other. I began to feel very upset with his.

But after we did a relationship event online with Mas Sajady a few months ago things changed. Not only did I remember deeply in myself  that my happiness was fully independent of his making changes or not... so I got back into my own happiness and stopped worrying about his quirks changing......but he changed what had been bothering me. Then he told me I had done the same for him....and I was just being happy.

I am grateful.



I never got to tell you all the wonderful impressions I initially had. (I thought I would be lucky for anyone to read an email as busy as you must be) The truth is, I think Mas Sajady's program is incredible! As does everyone. I couldn't stop reviewing everything about him when I learned of him. I was amazed and felt so fortunate to find him. I knew going in I was a very lucky person. So, I hope you understand, there was a whole lot of good impressions first - or else I would not have been there.  As I said on the phone, I think the spa is sheer brilliance! Awesome idea. The website is fantastic! His name and signature; totally awesome! I love that he sells a necklace with his frequency. I would love to have a necklace with my frequency, too. Have you ever thought about doing that? Custom made? Perhaps his frequency is so high, it is better to wear his. Not sure. Or maybe something in his frequency to wear in your pocket or similar. Just thoughts. By the way, after the Boulder event, something amazing happened to me. I noticed I could move my neck to the left farther than I had been able to for years. (many years) The left side of my neck had been swollen and still looked funny from an injury I had. I had healed most of myself but still had a few odds and ends. After Mas, I have excellent movement in my neck and the swelling is gone. It is remarkable. I am sure there are many amazing things going on, that one is just very noticeable.

Sincerely, Wendy

A few months ago I received a call telling me my former boyfriend had passed, I checked in w/ and reviewed myself and my heart was saddened. A week later after 2 dreams of him the mourning hit me very strongly, it felt like I was moving underwater, and the waves of sadness were like an ebb and flow and I thought to myself I could see how people could get swept up in such strong emotions. I attended his memorial service and continued to be sad and then I did not want to feel that way anymore and remembered I had recordings of Mas Sajady programs and put some on and w/in 2 days the sadness and mourning dissipated.

Greta Langmead

Mas Sajady AppointmentsMas Sajady Program - 21 Day MedihealingFree Mas Sajady MedihealingsFeatured Mas Sajady ReviewsMas Sajady PodcastMas Sajady Program Reviews Warning About Truth of IdentityFAQ: Mas Sajady Detox, Appointments, Meditation, & Other Questions