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Mas Sajady Program Reviews on Mental & Emotional Health

A Testimonial from A Mental Health Facility:
I work in an outpatient psychiatric clinic which reviews Individuals with behavioral issues severe enough to necessitate partial hospitalization in a program Monday thru Friday from 8:30 – 3. I had amazing results from no talent nor intention of my own with one person who was 6’2″ and weighed 110 lbs. He had relapsed from alcohol after 8 yrs sobriety last fall when he stopped eating and decided to drink himself to death. Physically he had been diagnosed with AIDS and had given up on life. Before he attended the group his agoraphobia set in and he was having challenges interacting with people. I put the final meditation from January on a loop and played it continuously for me & was interrupted at work, turned the volume down and forgot it was playing. Within 4 days this client was walking one mile to the store and one mile home. He was going to buy groceries. He was eating 2 meals a day and had gained weight. He continued to progress and in the course of his treatment his T-cells (which dropped dangerously low after 6 weeks of his only sustainability being based on Alcohol) were retested and his MD stated his progress was ‘remarkable’. Over the last 4 years he had been hospitalized over 15 times for suicidal ideation. Ever since his 4 day exposure to the meditation healing for 6 hrs a day he was no longer suicidal and his panic attacks were diminished to feeling anxiety!

I scheduled a group healing program session with Mas Sajady, for April 11th in which I asked Mas to help my niece who suffered of grand convulsions and migraines and lately they found something unidentified in her brain.

My niece lives in a poor rural area in Colombia, where she has no resources to obtain medical treatment.

Today she told me the following review:

Last night she suffered by far the most painful migraine she has ever had, while her family was trying to help her and almost unconscious, she saw a man on white clothing massaging her head and calming her down, she fell asleep and when she woke up at the early hours of today, she was asking for the man on white, her family explained her that there was never a man in the room. Stunned that her excruciating pain was gone and that she feels so light, like a big heavy baggage had been removed from her shoulders she keeps saying that the man had such a soft hands and calm her down taking her migraine away.

I don’t know if I should be telling this, if it is appropriate, but I have to tell Mas that from the bottom of my heart I know it was his influence that caused this beautiful miracle, a big THANK YOU from all her family, no words are enough to thank him!!!!!!!


Hi, I had bloodwork review done before and after the cleanse and it was such a dramatic shift  (triglycerides from 270 to 78 in 11 days)  I wondered if it might have something to do with the 6 week Healing Mastery program I’m in. Could the Purium Cleanse be that powerful or is it some of the clearing happening on the course? Doing both at the same time makes it tricky to understand where I’m getting the fabulous results from.

Thank you, Pamela Ziemann

I just had a remote session with Mas Sajady, and told him how one of his medi-healings healed me! He asked if I would mind sharing my testimonial review:

In February, I purchased the medi-healing about half-way into the month. On the night of February 18th, I was hit with with a terrible stomach flu, that sent me into non-stop vomiting, convulsions, shaking, spasms, trembling, high fevers, and a feeling like my head was being squeezed in a vice! I couldn’t sleep, eat, or sip the 3oz. water every hour, that the doctor wanted me too. Sometime within the restless tossing and turning, an extreme pain shot thru my back from my lower right flank region…which I truly felt,  at the time, was a kidney stone.  I have always had a high tolerance for pain, so when this had me on the floor in tears, unable to move, I knew I needed to go to the hospital for help. I crawled to the phone in-between the waves of excruciating pain, to call my husband.

I laid on the floor for the next 30 minutes, until my husband and mother showed-up to take me to the emergency. Immediately placed on heart monitors and IV fluids, for my vitals were extremely low, and I was extremely dehydrated (which was a danger for me, since I have Hypokalemia…which can cause cardiac arrest in people, when very low).  Through my stay of testing and monitoring, they came to the conclusion that I tore something in my back, from all the shaking, vomiting and twisting of my body, thru the stomach flu.   I was soon released, sent home with high dosages of pain medicines, which I did not like the concept of having to take. I never had to depend on pain medicines, and never wanted to. The next day, I was suffering from back pain, and I set the intention that I was not going to be down with back issues like so many other people I knew. I started listening to one of the Medihealing sessions that covered back pain. I did not know what to expect, but also knew I had nothing to lose.  So, I continued to listen repeatedly for two days, as much as I could between resting(sleeping), and trying to eat something. By the third day, it was like the back incident had never even happened. I had no back pain, and was not taking any pain medicines either. My husband (who was more worried than ever, about me being debilitated with back pain forever) …was “totally shocked” on how I had healed so quickly; and showing no residual signs and symptoms of even being in the hospital for anything. Life returned to normal, and it all felt like a dream.

Still being totally new to Mas and his work, I swear that the Medihealing meditations, and his healing sessions… “truly work”.

Even my energy field feels much more expansive. I am forever grateful that I was guided to Mas and his work!

I love you Mas! Thank you again!
Regina Moore, 56


Burlington, Vermont

I met Mas Sajady about two weeks ago at the Chicago Health Expo program. My back had been pretty sore due to arthritis in my lower lumbar area.  Mas worked on me for a total of 30 minutes.  The extreme soreness and stiffness in my back is gone.  It gradually dissipated in the time since I saw him.  When I wake up in the morning, I can bend my back without stiffness.

By the way, I’ve been drinking a lot more water than I used to.  I don’t know why.  In fact, after you worked on me, I think I drank more water than I ever had before.


Hello! You gave me your card following my time with you at the Health expo at the Convention Center program in January. I came to you asking you to review my fertility issues and you were able to ease my anxiety about it. You told me that you were able to see me getting pregnant in about a month and a half. Well, you were correct. I wanted to thank you and let you know I've been spreading the word about you to others. Thanks!

- Alfred R., Palm Springs

"After the my session with the Mas Sajady program I have not touched a cigarette nor have I had cravings. Wow I've tried quitting for 10 years."

- Ryan P, Encinitas

“Finally after years of pain and medication that messed up my mind you gave me relief in just half hour. I don’t know how to thank you enough. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!!”

Maggie T, Chicago

"Dear Mas,

I met you last night. I wanted you to know that when I went home I felt much better.
My belly was calm. I also could walk with ease. Almost like floating or walking lighter.
You told me you could help. I believe it. It has been so long I cannot remember when I have had relief in this body until last night. ( I got out of bed this morning with less pain, and I feel so happy, I cannot believe this , I feel lighter ).

Can you do further healing for me ? I knew I was hurting but I never realized how long I have been hurting and caring this terrible pain until some of it left last night. I forgot what it felt like not to hurt. Thank you deeply."

- Bridget L, Texas

"First I want to thank you sooooo much for your help the other evening. My legs / hip sockets feel very much better. And you gave me so much more information, past life, many lives, long life…. It was all good."

- Candice B, New York

“Oh wow, I just had a one to one with you an hour ago on Skype. And the session actually started 2 or 3 hours before its time…I started to feel the spirit guides very close around. And as I was praying for a clients little daughter, who fell off a horse and went in a coma yesterday. Somehow I got to talk to her telling her to come back, I hoped she would. And another time I felt the spirit coming close and my heart opens and subbed it out. But ,when you came on the Skype and started to talk and work with me….the power came again really strongly and felt not only relaxed but very strong with my spiritual link .Tears and laughter came . I don’t know what the effect will have yet on me. But I feel very much lighter than I am normally…So I am wanting to have a session every month with you and see what effect can have on my life on all levels. Will keep you posted. Thanks very much and keep up the good work. It was very much worth the waiting for it….LOL .♥♥”

“Thank you…After I had my first one to one, feeling lighter and brighter….When I am out…I passed the back garden as I do every day. But that day the trunk of the trees, the leaves and the flowers, all looked so alive and I could swear that the flowers talked to me saying what a lovely day, and what I noticed it was in a different sounding voice. It was great…But what was the best was when you asked me do I have any question or some thing to add and I cheekley asked you if you were to help through me a little girl who was in a coma for 3 days after a fall from a horse and you kindly stayed with me to do that although it was after time. Well, I wanted to tell you she is back with us moving and coherent, thanks very much for your gift of love to the world ♥”

Abla E, London

I'm new to Mas Sajady's program work, only discovered him this last year, but I LOVE his work!!  His free PTSD medi-healing is helping me so much, even my pain levels are down ! So, this is my special treat just "for me", and I'm hoping I can re-invigorate a few of those places the constant pain has kind of "drained" 😉 Bless you guys for all you do...


I just wanted to reach out to you and Mas Sajady to let you know that my husband that is the biggest skeptic that I know, can not stop talking about his review of the Mas Sajady program and how his lower back pain that he has had for years is gone...He keeps talking about it and says he can not deny that whatever Mas did worked! He keeps wondering if it will return once he does something to tweak he wanted to hold out a bit before he was sure it was gone, but I had to reach out and let you know! So please send Mas a big thank you from us! He worked on some things with me, which I felt a big shift emotionally and physically for the first couple of days, I think mine is shifting with more time. Also I just went to schedule 2-30 minute appointments for us, but did not see any dates popping up for availability. I saw that it said April 29th June would open that when I should go in and book them? Any chance Mas is coming to the East Coast this summer (Mass, NH, Maine, Connecticut) We would love to see him again in person, if you have any possibilities let me know! It was a great event! I am so glad that my husband came, he normally does not join in on any of these with me!

Great meeting you both, look forward to seeing you again soon-Thank you for your help Fay!

WoW! I'm still getting downloads and upgrades, amazing, this is so healing to me.  Thank you all so much for bringing your Mas Sajady programs to Sedona.  This is life changing for me to review as I have had extreme frequency issues since my nde three years ago, finally, yes, someone who understands frequency and can help me in such an awesome way.  I am most grateful.  healing so far, white coating on tongue is gone, eyes greatly improved, spine moved, more peace, frequency stabilizing and maintaining. and lots more still hapenning. oh, yes, i have had an issue with a type of paranoia.... since a NDE,,,,so freaked out by laws and rules and time and doing something wrong..... today when i drove home after workshop, i was free of this was all trauma related and that is deep healing for me.  I am so blessed. I am responding in a huge lovely way, like more oxygen. I know there's more and more,  keep sharing the love and healing to all.  You guys are an amazing team.  Love you Jane, Fay and team. Thanks for sharing your gift Mas.

It's beautiful what you are doing. Much love,

Here's to the new heaven, the new earth, Carly


Mas Sajady AppointmentsMas Sajady Program - 21 Day MedihealingFree Mas Sajady MedihealingsFeatured Mas Sajady ReviewsMas Sajady PodcastMas Sajady Program Reviews Warning About Truth of IdentityFAQ: Mas Sajady Detox, Appointments, Meditation, & Other Questions